TinyMCE 5.2.1


TinyMCE 5.2.1 was released for TinyMCE Enterprise and Tiny Cloud on Monday, April 6th, 2020. It includes TinyMCE 5.2.1 and additional changes to premium plugins. These release notes provide an overview of the changes for TinyMCE 5.2.1, including:

This is the Tiny Cloud and TinyMCE Enterprise release notes. For information on the latest community version of TinyMCE, see: TinyMCE Changelog.

General bug fixes

TinyMCE 5.2.1 provides fixes for the following bugs:

  • Fixed the "is decorative" checkbox in the image dialog clearing after certain editor events.

  • Fixed possible uncaught exception when a style attribute is removed using a content filter on setContent.

  • Fixed table selection not functioning correctly in Microsoft Edge 44 or higher.

  • Fixed the table resize handles not functioning correctly in Microsoft Edge 44 or higher.

  • Fixed the floating toolbar drawer disconnecting from the toolbar when adding content in inline mode.

  • Fixed readonly mode not returning the appropriate boolean value.

  • Fixed the forced_root_block_attrs setting not applying attributes to new blocks consistently.

  • Fixed the editor incorrectly stealing focus during initialization in Microsoft Internet Explorer.

  • Fixed dialogs stealing focus when opening an alert or confirm dialog using an onAction callback.

  • Fixed inline dialogs incorrectly closing when clicking on an opened alert or confirm dialog.

  • Fixed the context toolbar overlapping the menu bar and toolbar.

  • Fixed notification and inline dialog positioning issues when using toolbar_location: 'bottom'.

  • Fixed the colorinput popup appearing offscreen on mobile devices.

  • Fixed special characters not being found when searching by "whole words only".

  • Fixed an issue where dragging images could cause them to be duplicated.

  • Fixed context toolbars activating without the editor having focus.

  • Fixed an issue where removing the background color of text did not always work.

  • Fixed an issue where new rows and columns in a table did not retain the style of the previous row or column.

Accompanying Premium Plugin changes

The following premium plugins updates were released alongside TinyMCE 5.2.1.

Case Change 1.0.1

The TinyMCE 5.2.1 release includes an accompanying release of the Case Change premium plugin.

Case Change 1.0.1 has been updated to allow the Case Change plugin to work on multi-cell selections in tables.

Comments 2.1.3

The TinyMCE 5.2.1 release includes an accompanying release of the Comments premium plugin.

Comments 2.1.3 provides a fix to only scroll the comments sidebar when focusing on a comment.

PowerPaste 5.2.2

The TinyMCE 5.2.1 release includes an accompanying release of the PowerPaste premium plugin.

PowerPaste 5.2.2 provides a fix to improve handling of the HTML 4 align attribute. The HTML 4 align attribute is still sometimes provided by Microsoft Word.

Upgrading to the latest version of TinyMCE 5

The procedure for upgrading to the latest version of TinyMCE 5 depends on the deployment type.

Upgrading Tiny Cloud

Tiny Cloud provides the latest enterprise version of TinyMCE. For information on configuring Tiny Cloud, see: the Cloud deployment guide.

Upgrading TinyMCE Self-hosted manually

To upgrade to TinyMCE 5.10 using a manually downloaded package:

  1. Backup the tinymce/ directory so any customizations can be restored after the upgrade.

    Customizations for TinyMCE are typically stored in the following directories:

    ├── icons/
    ├── langs/
    ├── plugins/
    ├── skins/
    │   ├── content/
    │   └── ui/
    └── themes/
  2. Download the latest version of TinyMCE.

    • For the TinyMCE Community Version, download tinymce_<VERSION>.zip from Get TinyMCE - Self-hosted releases, where <VERSION> is the latest version of TinyMCE.

    • For the TinyMCE Enterprise Version, download the TinyMCE Enterprise Bundle from Tiny Account > Downloads. The downloaded file will be named enterprise_latest.zip.

  3. Extract the downloaded .zip file to a temporary location.

  4. (If required) Install the latest language packs from Get TinyMCE - Language Packages.

  5. Copy customizations to the new tinymce/ directory. Ensure that only custom changes are added the new tinymce/ directory, such as:

    • Custom icons packs

    • Custom plugins

    • Custom skins

    • Custom themes

  6. Delete the existing tinymce/ directory and replace with the new tinymce/.

To simplify the upgrade process to future versions of TinyMCE:

  1. Host the TinyMCE customizations outside of the tinymce/ directory.

  2. Update your TinyMCE configuration as required:

    • Set the location of content CSS customizations using content_css.

    • Set the location of custom plugins using external_plugins.

    • Set the location of custom icon packages using icons_url instead of icons.

    • Set the location of custom localization packages using language_url instead of language.

    • Set the location of custom skin packages using skin_url instead of skin.

    • Set the location of custom themes using theme_url instead of theme.