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Easily integrates into your tech stack. Enhances your
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1<h1>TinyMCE Angular Demo</h1>
2 <editor
3   [init]="{
4     height: 500,
5     plugins: [
6        'a11ychecker','advlist','advcode','advtable','autolink','checklist','export',
7       'lists','link','image','charmap','preview','anchor','searchreplace','visualblocks',
8       'powerpaste','fullscreen','formatpainter','insertdatetime','media','table','help','wordcount'
9     ],
10     toolbar:
11      'undo redo | casechange blocks | bold italic backcolor | \
12      alignleft aligncenter alignright alignjustify | \
13      bullist numlist checklist outdent indent | removeformat | a11ycheck code table help'
14   }"
15   initialValue="Welcome to TinyMCE Angular"
16 ></editor>

Rich text editor that wows your users with just a few lines of code

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All the functionality your users expect in our open source core, easily configured with options that just make sense.

Open source core

Productivity features

Help your users create content, faster. Includes clean copy and paste from Word, Google Docs, Excel, and more.

Productivity features


For when legal and brand can't take a backseat. Accessibility Checker, Link Checker and Spell Checker Pro with custom dictionaries.



Comments and Mentions can take your editing experience to the next level.


Media management

Seamlessly manage your files or images and distribute them on the cloud or on your own servers with Tiny Drive.

Media management

Help when and where you need it

400+ APIs, regularly updated docs, a growing library of examples, a huge StackOverflow community, and optional support, so you can get up and running - fast.

Help when and where you need it

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Reduce content creation time by up to 90%, saving thousands of hours annually in your team’s workflows.

Trusted by developers

Justin Hardin's avatar
Justin Hardin@jhardin925

This is what top-notch leadership and support look like!

Thank you @andrew_roberts @_spyder and the @joinTiny team for the help with setting up a self-hosted Tinymce version for Next.js 😊

Ben Carter's avatar
Ben Carter@BenCarter78

Looking at wysiwyg editors and @tinymce seems to have come a long way from the last time I used it, really slick onboarding! 👌 Looks great!

Abdulramon Jemil's avatar
Abdulramon Jemil@AbdulramonJemil

I'm beginning to love @tinymce more and more. Been exploring its features since morning...

Stefano Novelli 🤌's avatar
Stefano Novelli 🤌@stefano9lli

@tinymce + @laravelphp nova = ❤️

Marty Friedel's avatar
Marty Friedel@MartyFriedel

Just like that... @joinTiny is upgraded to v6 in my current project. Smooth process, although the toolbar spacing needed seriously re-grouping to keep everything on one line, and had to drop a few buttons for space reasons. It fits so well with the rest of the app's UI.

Ash Allen's avatar
Ash Allen 🚀@AshAllenDesign

There's quite a few different ones out there, but I've always found TinyMCE to be nice to work with. It's pretty simple to get up and running and you can extend it quite a lot to add new functionality. Do you think this'd work for your project? 😄

SeaCat's avatar

Thanks! I tried many other tools - all open-source and came to the conclusion that many people may disagree with.

I decided to go with TinyMCE not because it's open-source but because they have a commercial license what may mean they will fix bugs and add great features faster.

Oussama Jaaouani's avatar
Oussama Jaaouani@NTechnologiesL1

We tried many other #tools and we finally decided to go with @tinymce, simply because you're the best.

Peter Levels's avatar
Peter Levels@levelsio

✨ I found out ~50% of my support tickets on remoteok.com were about Markdown issues:

- non-tech people don't understand it
- format is inconsistent
- buggy if complex like * a list with **bold text**

So I now switched to TinyMCE which is HTML: tiny.cloud

Nitin Raturi's avatar
Nitin Raturi@raturinitin

There are a lot of #WYSIWYG editors available on the internet, some are paid and some are free. After exploring and experimenting with various editors I found tinymce, one of the best WYSIWYG editors.

WYSIWYG HTML editor that powers enterprises, developers and product teams

Wherever TinyMCE is deployed, developers have the power to make
greater changes, with less work

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SaaS Companies

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Launch your product faster

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Win against the best in your category

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Increase satisfaction & adoption

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Keep pace with changing requirements

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Avoid fixing bugs in unmaintained libraries

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Get expert support when you need it

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Product Managers

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Ship high-impact features that reach a large number of users

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Deliver with confidence by trusting the category leader

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Preserve precious engineering time

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