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Lexical vs TinyMCE

How do TinyMCE and Lexical compare, and which rich text editor is right for you?

Why TinyMCE is the Best Lexical Alternative

Rich Text Editor

TinyMCE is a feature-rich, customizable rich text editor available through either a free, open source license or a paid commercial license.

It is built and maintained by Tiny Technologies – a team of 80+ people with over two decades of rich text editor building experience.

TinyMCE’s public Roadmap is customer- and community-driven, which helps ensure new features align with your needs.

Lexical Facebook Text Editor

Lexical is a basic rich text editor currently in pre-release and created by Facebook (Meta). It is available under an open source license.

While Lexical is a potentially good editor for social apps, it lacks several of the usual editing features that many users expect.

Its Roadmap is also subject to any changes to Meta’s plans, and therefore may not be aligned with your use case if you’re not in the social space.

Lexical maturity vs TinyMCE maturity

Newcomers to the rich text editor market bring fresh ideas and inspiration, which leads to competition and better products for users.

Lexical is a valuable addition to the rich text market, even with its current limited use cases. We look forward to seeing where they go with their roadmap and the benefits they can add for users. That said, when considering the addition of any component to your app, its maturity and reliability must be factored in, as well as where its current version lies within the software release cycle.

TinyMCE follows an established software release lifecycle, with strict QA processes at each point. We also follow Semantic Versioning (SEMVER), which limits us to only introduce a breaking change in major versions. This makes it easy for developers to assess the level of effort and risk of upgrading – so they can allocate time accordingly.

Lexical, on the other hand, is still in its early stages of development and pre-release (Version 0.3.5 as of writing). The docs site goes so far as to say that “Lexical is currently in early development and APIs and packages are likely to change quite often.”

If you’re looking for an editor that’s built specifically for social media sites, aren’t daunted by including a pre-release editor in your app, and don’t mind the possibility of having to change your code every time a new version is released, Lexical may be the right choice for you.

However, if you’re looking for an innovative and proven editor, with professional support and an active community to help you out, TinyMCE may be the better choice.


Release type (as of writing)StablePre-release
Likelihood of unexpected breaking changesLow (due to SEMVER)High

Support & Community

StackOverflow Questions – cumulative9,83813
StackOverflow Questions – last 30 days
Professional Support OptionsEmail, Phone ($)
Support SLA

Checked as of June 17, 2022

Pros and Cons TinyMCE vs Lexical

The Lexical vs TinyMCE comparison is updated twice-annually
(January and July)

The Basics

Cost Premium features from $960 per yearFree
Open Source
Commercial License 
Self-hosted Deployment
Cloud Deployment 
Users UnlimitedUnlimited 
Developers UnlimitedUnlimited

Customization and Integration

Framework Integrations Angular, AngularJS, Blazor, Bootstrap, Django, jQuery, Laravel, Node.js + Express, Rails, React, Svelte, Swing, Vue, Web ComponentsReact, Svelte, Vue
Customizable UI 
Skins and Icon Packs 
Language Translations 370

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Check out a detailed comparison of React integrations

Docs & Support

Extensive documentation
Community Support 
Professional Support 
Support SLAs 
Number of support tickets per month 2 to Unlimited
Dedicated Account Manager 
Phone Support Available

Core Editing Features

Basic Formatting 
Ordered / Unordered Lists
Image Insert
Emoticons / Emoji Picker

Advanced Editing Features

Code Editor 
Image Editing 
Enhanced Media Embed 
File Management 
Content Filtering 
Format Painter 
Permanent Pen 
Case Change
Export PDF

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Clean Copy and Paste

Functionality that processes and cleans up pasted content from apps, ensuring compliant and easy-to-edit HTML

MS Word
MS Excel
Google Docs

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Customizable Spell Checker
Accessibility Checker 
Broken Link Checker

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Real-time Collaboration 
Refer to TinyMCE Real-time Collaboration (RTC) documentation for a full list of functionality available in RTC

Check out a detailed comparison of comments features

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Asymmetric JWT Signing 
Real-time Collaboration End-to-end Encryption 

See a mistake? Let us know.

All data in the table above (and supporting pages) was pulled from projects’ public websites on June 17, 2022.

Features listed vary by plan (open-source, free or paid). If information on a specific feature or topic cannot be found on the editor’s website, it is not included. Only features released by the editor author are listed.

Easy integration with 12 + frameworks and hundreds of other tools

The TinyMCE code is totally customizable and works with the framework of your choice

Help when and where you need it

Enterprise-Grade Support

Responsive, in-house support to help you implement, customize and troubleshoot.

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“TinyMCE satisfied our needs at a competitive cost, and we were able to integrate it without restructuring our product.”

Chris Burd | Vice President of policyIQ

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Rob Wells | Vice President of policyIQ

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Chris Burd | Vice President, policyIQ

Rob Wells | CEO

Paul Alexandrescu | Technical Director

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