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case study

How Tiny helped RGP reduce support conversations & increase customer satisfaction

Chris Braud

Vice President of PolicyIQ, RGP

TinyMCE and its plugins satisfied our needs at a competitive cost, and we were able to integrate it without requiring a significant restructuring of our product. TinyMCE is perfect for what we're trying to accomplish.


RGP is a global consulting firm that enables rapid business outcomes by bringing together the right people to create transformative change. The policyIQ division manages RGP’s highly adaptable GRC technology, which is leveraged by companies of all sizes for multiple policy, compliance, and audit initiatives in one cost-effective platform.

All names, titles and results were correct when originally published.


Governance, Risk and Compliance Software


USA (Global)

Key Results

Switching to TinyMCE gave policyIQ/RGP

Robust HTML editor

Increased client and user satisfaction


accurate copy-paste results from Word, Excel, and other popular content tools

Pasted content translates it into HTML

Responsive support team


fewer customer support conversations

The challenges

Helping clients navigate the differences between Microsoft Word and HTML

KEY CHALLENGES for PolicyIQ/RGP (before TinyMCE)

Frustration with copy-paste results from MSWord and other content tools

Lack of understanding why documentation didn’t behave as expected when pasted into HTML fields

Documentation formatting

Chris Burd is the Vice President of the policyIQ team, which means it is her responsibility to manage the governance, risk and compliance application from development through sales and support. Ensuring that policyIQ continues to meet customer expectations is one of her primary goals.

But in 2017, some of RGP’s clients were having trouble understanding the difference between Microsoft Word and HTML, and why documentation created in Word did not behave the way they expected when that documentation was pasted into policyIQ’s HTML fields. These clients became very frustrated.

So Chris asked Tiny for help. RGP had been using the TinyMCE editor for their product’s HTML fields for as long as Chris could remember. Fortunately, Tiny had the solution: the PowerPaste plugin.

We were constantly trying to help clients understand that Microsoft Word and HTML are not the same thing. Clients wanted our product to work a certain way, and we found ourselves making excuses when it didn’t, which resulted in lower client satisfaction.

The solution

A robust rich text editor with PowerPaste


Enterprise Grade Rich Text Editing Tool and PowerPaste premium plugin:

  • Premium support
  • Commercial licensing
  • Beautiful UX
  • Flexible plugins

RGP likes TinyMCE because, as the market-leading HTML editor, it is intuitive and makes managing HTML fields easy.

They use TinyMCE especially for managing content and for their government compliance product — having a full suite of formatting options for policies and procedures is critical for meeting their clients’ needs.

RGP recently added PowerPaste and, in Chris’s opinion, it pays for itself. Being able to cleanly copy and paste content from Word, Excel, and other popular content tools and translate it into HTML is invaluable.

But the thing Chris values most about working with Tiny is how responsive and agile their support team is. She knows she can contact them whenever she needs to and receive a prompt answer. This level of support has helped her exceed client expectations on more than one occasion.

PowerPaste takes Microsoft Word content and translates it into HTML. It was a relief to find a product that alleviated our main challenge.

The result

10% fewer customer support conversations

 10% fewer support conversations

 Ability to better meet & exceed client expectations

 More personal satisfaction in their product

Since adopting Tiny PowerPaste, Chris and her team have noticed that their overall support conversations have dropped by approximately 10% — and questions pertaining to their rich text editor have been effectively eliminated.

And while the reduction in support tickets is great for RGP, more important is that RGP’s clients are happier than ever. Chris’s team gets personal satisfaction from knowing that they’ve built amazing products for which they never need to make excuses.

We used to field 3–5 questions every week related to our rich text editor; now that number is almost zero. As far as robust HTML editors go, we feel like we have the best option available.

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