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case study

How Tiny saves Oasis LMS 260+ hours a year in customer support and increases platform usage

Thomas Wong

Product Manager, 360Factor Consulting/Oasis LMS

We are saving at least 1 hour every day in support time. What used to take our users 10+ hours fighting the system now gets done in minutes. Our users are creating more content than ever thanks to TinyMCE.


360Factor Consulting is an SaaS company based in Chicago, IL. After several projects developing Learning Management Systems (LMS) for their clients, 360Factor designed Oasis LMS, a customizable, intuitive, and user-friendly LMS in 2008.

Thomas Wong is Product Manager, and co-founder of Oasis LMS. He works with clients to help them achieve the most possible value from their learning management system and uses their feedback to help Oasis LMS remain one of the most robust and reliable LMSs in the industry.

All names, titles and results were correct when originally published.


Learning Management System



Key Results

Switching to TinyMCE gave Oasis LMS

260+ hours

hours minimum saved/year on text-formatting customer support


reduction in text-formatting support calls

10+ hours

saved on average per piece for content creators

Able to add rich media (videos and images) to content

More learning content created

Reduced customer support burden

The challenges

Allowing their customers to copy and paste text directly from MS Word

KEY CHALLENGES for Oasis LMS (before TinyMCE)

Poor copy-paste experience from MS Word

Unable to upload video and text content to LMS

Heavy support ticket burden to fix copy-paste issues

As Oasis LMS’s Product Manager, Thomas Wong’s number one concern is making sure that the educators and course creators who use his product are able to easily upload video and text content to their platform, without assistance.

Video uploads were simple, but when it came to adding text, Thomas’s customers kept running into the same problem: they would write their text in Word, the software they were most familiar with. But when they tried to copy and paste it into the LMS, their formatting would change and break, making the text difficult to read.

Oasis LMS’s customer support team fielded daily calls about this issue and spent several hours every week helping customers fix their formatting manually. They needed to find a rich text editor that could automatically strip Word’s formatting and make it easier for their customers to copy and paste their text.

Every day we would get a couple of support calls about this. It cost us a lot of customer support hours, and the customers were unhappy. It was a huge problem.

The solution

Rich text editing software with PowerPaste plugin


Rich text editing software with:

  • Seamless, premium copy/paste functionality
  • Premium support
  • Flawless UX
  • Scalable editor that handles future growth

TinyMCE’s PowerPaste plugin allows Oasis LMS’s customers to copy and paste their content directly from Word, without losing their formatting.

Once their text is uploaded, creators can easily make changes directly in the LMS’s rich text editor – no extra HTML code can sneak in from Word to mess up their layout, the way it did before.

If they want to add a photo, that’s easy too: they can just insert it directly into the editable area.

Switching to TinyMCE and adding the PowerPaste plugin has made life easier for Oasis’s customers, and it’s freed up customer support resources as well. Before, they were receiving several support calls about text formatting each day. Now, they receive zero.

Allowing our customers to copy and paste from Word has been the biggest lifesaver. After we enabled it, we went from one or two support tickets per day for this issue to zero. For us, that’s huge. It was something no other rich text editor on the market could do.

The result

260+ hours saved on customer support calls each year

 260+ hours saved on customer support calls each year

 Creating more content instead of fighting with formatting

 PowerPaste Premium plugin simplifies copy-pasting rich text and rich media

Thanks to TinyMCE’s PowerPaste plugin, Oasis LMS saves over 260 hours a year in support costs, enabling them to focus on scaling their product instead of putting out fires. This allows them to keep their customer support team lean, which helps them when it comes to scaling up their business.

It’s been great for their customers, too: Thomas says he’s seen an uptick in the amount of text customers have uploaded, and that the quality of the text they’ve been creating with Oasis LMS has also gone up. Thanks to TinyMCE’s easy formatting and copy and paste functionality, customers can now add things like symbols, images, and tables with a click.

TinyMCE has played a key role in keeping their customers happy and helping them improve their platform over time, Thomas concludes.

People are definitely creating more content because they don't have to spend time trying to fight with the formatting. They can use that time to create more and better content instead.

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