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case study

How DDSN Interactive saves thousands of development hours every single year with Tiny

Rob Wells

CEO, DDSN Interactive

TinyMCE should be at the top of any list if you're looking for a visual text editor. To do it ourselves would've cost us hundreds and hundreds of hours every year, but TinyMCE is easy to use and feature rich. It's very flexible, integrates well with different systems, and is extremely stable. It's just a great product.


DDSN Interactive is a Melbourne-based digital agency with the skills to handle every aspect of running an online business, from web design and app development to marketing. The heart of their service is a proprietary, enterprise-grade CMS that makes it easy for their clients to grow and expand their digital presence.

All names, titles and results were correct when originally published.


Web Design & Marketing



Key Results

Switching to TinyMCE gave DDSN Interactive

Hundreds of development hours and dollars saved each year

Flexible, stable WYSIWYG rich text editor

Innovative ongoing feature improvements

Ability to customize editor to fit every use case

Consistent, stable updates increase the value given to clients

Trustworthy partner that maintains high quality code

Easy to deploy upgrades

The challenges

A feature-rich WYSIWYG editor that doesn’t break the bank

KEY CHALLENGES for DDSN Interactive (before TinyMCE)

Expensive to maintain their own custom-built editor

Dev time and cost blowouts to introduce new features and upgrades

Rich text editor complexities became beyond in-house expertise

If anyone knows how expensive and time-intensive building a cutting-edge CMS is, it’s Rob Wells. As the CEO of DDSN Interactive, Rob’s mission is to make life easy for his clients by giving them an innovative platform to build their businesses on. That’s why he decided nearly 20 years ago to incorporate a rich text editor into his CMS – long before it was the norm.

There was just one problem: Building a proprietary text editor was painfully demanding on Rob’s small team. Though it gave DDSN an edge over its competition, maintaining the technology was turning into a full-time job.

Rob knew that it was time for a change. If DDSN was going to continue to thrive, it would need to stop trying to reinvent the wheel.

Rob needed a text editor he could trust to be as flexible and innovative as DDSN was.

When we first built our content management system, we developed our own rich text editor capability. But we’re a small firm, and that became really complicated and expensive for us to maintain.

The solution

The WYSIWYG editor that rises to the challenge


Open source rich text editing tool with:

  • Beautiful UX
  • Flexible plugins
  • Premium support
  • Commercial licensing
  • Scalable editor that handles future growth

Fifteen years ago, Rob made the switch to TinyMCE and he hasn’t looked back since. Tiny’s documentation and active community made integrating the software into DDSN’s CMS a breeze, giving Rob’s team all the tools they needed without the cost.

Over the 15 years that Rob has worked with Tiny, he’s loved how consistent, stable updates have directly increased the value he can give to his clients. TinyMCE’s expanding features and flexibility meant Rob’s team could always shape it to fit every use case, whether it was contact forms or format-heavy wiki editors.

Even as Tiny has grown and introduced new services like cloud hosting, Rob feels confident that Tiny won’t ever alienate him with forced migration or a sudden shift in core features.

TinyMCE is a key component of our content management platform. It’s so easy to integrate and we’re very happy that TinyMCE has been updated regularly with new features, new capabilities, and improvements. It’s so easy to deploy those upgrades. It’s fantastic.

The result

A cutting-edge and cost-effective solution

 An efficient, powerful custom CMS using TinyMCE as the rich text editor

 Simple implementation and low overhead saves development time and money

With TinyMCE, Rob’s team has saved hundreds of development hours each year that they would’ve spent maintaining their own solution. It’s allowed them to focus on new and exciting ways to improve their service.

Where other software has left Rob hanging as feature-bloat crept in or it became obsolete, Tiny has continued to grow right alongside him. With Tiny, Rob has a trustworthy partner that never settles for good enough.

TinyMCE is a key component of our content management platform. I love the fact that even when they introduce new ways of delivering their product, they don’t remove the old ones, which some companies do. Whenever a third-party product helps us maintain and continue to develop our own business model, that’s exciting.

Trusted by 1.5M developers.
Used in 100M+ apps.

No matter the project, TinyMCE editor works best

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