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case study

How Nordic IT improved their email editor’s UX with TinyMCE HTML editing

Dmitry Hohlin

Head Of Product Development, Nordic IT

TinyMCE’s premium full-featured editor has not only paid itself off, it saves us time and money ongoing. We’re saving $000’s in building, maintaining and extending our rich text editor’s features.


Nordic IT specializes in maritime communication solutions. Established in 1982, they currently provide a collaborative email software solution for maritime teams. Globally, it helps more than 250 clients and 6,500 email users to answer emails faster, cut costs, and drive revenue. In particular, Nordic IT’s reMARK email solution facilitates teams in maritime business (who deal with hundreds to thousands of emails every day) to be efficient, collaborate effectively, automate their workflows and be more transparent within the team.

All names, titles and results were correct when originally published.


Email Software Solution


USA, Denmark (Global)

Key Results

Adding TinyMCE to their tech stack gave Nordic IT

Out-of-the-box component that’s fast to integrate, assemble and ready to use

99.9% accurate clean copy-paste results

Quick enablement of new on-demand features, needing only a few lines of config code

$000’s saved in total cost of ownership (ToC) of a rich text editor

The challenges

Providing familiar HTML UX in the most cost-effective way

KEY CHALLENGES for Nordic IT (before TinyMCE)

Needed to provide a familiar email editing experience

Accurate clean copy-paste results

High expectations of UX

Needed a flexible, customizable, and reliable email editor

Seamless, secure integration into existing tech stack

Nordic IT's goals are to provide intelligent communication solutions and streamline these processes for teams through robust features. They always aim to offer clients the highest quality and most familiar user experience: seamless editing, formatting, and clean copy-paste.

The rich text editor used within reMARK, their email management application, was purely rich text format (RTF). While being a powerful tool, it has some drawbacks specific to emails – the conversion between data formats (HTML to RTF and back) for some emails can be relatively long operation and is sometimes causing visual differences.

Given that users were sometimes not getting the email creation experience they needed to succeed, Dmitry realized they needed an HTML editor, as an addition to the RTF one.

At the beginning of 2020, Dmitry began looking for a quality Rich Text Editing (RTE) component, to add more rich text functionality to reMARK. It also had to meet the development teams’ needs and delight end users. Simply put, he wanted users to be able to create brilliant emails quickly and seamlessly.

It’s critical for our clients to be efficient and to choose the most familiar UX. So when we realized there was a demand for an HTML editor, it was obvious TinyMCE was the best solution.

The solution

A flexible and reliable WYSIWYG they could depend on


A reliable WYSIWYG editor with:

  • Flexible plugins
  • Beautiful and familiar UX
  • Premium support
  • Advanced features and premium plugins
  • Commercial (OEM) license

Dmitry and his team wanted to ensure the new rich text editor component was reliable, trusted, provided extensive support, and wouldn't disappear from the market. He also wanted to avoid sidetracking his development team by building and maintaining their own editor, because that wasn’t core to the product's mission.

Dmitry was familiar with TinyMCE, having successfully used it for other projects. However, his team did extensive market research, and shortlisted three editors. They pressure tested each editor – running evaluations with clients to get the right solution. It was a quick decision, once they realized that only TinyMCE had the features, functionality and ability to deliver on their client needs and expectations.

Dmitry and Nordic IT’s clients chose TinyMCE because:

  • Extensive set of premium features
  • PowerPaste plugin with 99.9% clean copy-and-paste
  • Advanced Tables plugin
  • Full desktop experience and clipboard activities
  • Flexibility and configurability
  • Seamless integration with current tech stack
  • Access to the HTML content for advanced users

We were looking for a WYSIWYG component from a well-known and well-trusted vendor, who wouldn’t disappear and leave us with no support and an ongoing maintenance burden.

The result

Fast time-to-market and with no additional development costs

The initial TinyMCE implementation was very straightforward for Nordic IT. After doing a prototype, they quickly imported it into one solution. The whole experience from the initial trial, communication with the support team to final integration was very smooth. With TinyMCE’s dedicated QA processes and engineering standards, Dmitry’s team doesn’t have to worry about the maintenance or potential issues caused by any changes within reMARK.

Since integrating TinyMCE, Nordic IT's customers have an additional email editor that provides a brilliant user experience, and allows them to get new editing features instantly.

Now, with TinyMCE, our users have more options and features on-demand. It’s a win-win. Developers feel efficient and the users are delighted.

Trusted by 1.5M developers.
Used in 100M+ apps.

No matter the project, TinyMCE editor works best

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