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case study

How Accelo increased user engagement to over 85% with Tiny

Geoff McQueen

Founder and CEO, Accelo

It's genuinely great to have the benefits of a really strong and respected open-source product like TinyMCE. Our user engagement numbers are up, our average customer value is up, and our churn rate is down compared to before we started using TinyMCE. It's become a key part of our drive to make our product more successful.


Accelo is the leading provider of Service Operations Automation technology which helps service businesses and teams by streamlining all of their client work – from quote to cash – in one place, boosting productivity and doubling profit margins.

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Key Results

Switching to TinyMCE gave Accelo

Increased user engagement by over 85%

Decreased churn

Increased average customer value

Easily integrated and maintained

Custom hybrid build of cloud- and self-hosted services

Clean modern interface

The challenges

Fulfilling clients’ number one need

KEY CHALLENGES for Accelo (before TinyMCE)

Use case specific needs

Needed elegant, Inline editing experience

Editing and formatting for notes and emails

Limited resources and time

As a founder and CEO of Accelo, Geoff McQueen wants to make life easier for his clients by eliminating the headache of managing a business. With Accelo’s all-in-one operations automation and project management software, he wants business owners to spend less time sweating the small stuff and more time doing the work they love.

So when Geoff saw that the most requested feature from his clients was rich text editing and formatting for notes and emails, he knew Accelo had to rise to the challenge.

The problem? Accelo’s need for a rich text editor was way beyond the standard use case. In order to give his clients the experience they desired, Geoff needed an editor that could be perfectly tailored to fit Accelo’s elegant interface without sacrificing on any of the features his clients expected. And with limited resources and time, Geoff couldn’t afford an editor that needed a babysitter.

The request for rich text editing was our number one thing that our clients had been asking us for, and we needed a solution. But because our use case was more specific, it needed to be a much more svelte and inline experience that didn’t get in the way of users.

The solution

The flexible, set-and-forget rich text editor


An intuitive, time-saving rich text editor:

  • Premium support
  • Flexible plugins
  • Beautiful UX
  • Commercial licensing

Geoff and his team looked at dozens of options, but when they tried TinyMCE the choice was obvious. No other editor on the market could be as easily integrated and maintained, and Tiny’s rock-solid reputation for comprehensive support made Geoff confident TinyMCE could deliver.

From the moment Geoff signed up for the licensing trial, he found that Tiny lived up to – and even exceeded – their reputation for outstanding support. With their help, Geoff’s team was able to get a prototype running in no time. And as Accelo’s needs evolved over time, Tiny adapted to always provide solutions.

Tiny even worked with Geoff to build a custom hybrid of cloud- and self-hosted services to get the editor working perfectly in Accelo’s software. That way, Accelo still benefited from powerful cloud-based plugins, like Spell Checker Pro, but could still maintain the small payload footprint Geoff needed.

With TinyMCE’s highly flexible interface, Geoff’s team could tailor the editor to fit into Accelo’s software with minimal disruption, finally giving their clients the benefits of rich text editing without complicating the overall user experience.

We were able to configure TinyMCE to do exactly what we needed to do – there was no one else out there that could do that. It definitely feels like the set-and-forget tool, and their dedicated premium support meant we never felt like we were just begging for some spare time from an otherwise overworked developer.

The result

Increased engagement and customer value

 DAU/MAU increased to over 84%

 User engagement, average customer value increased while churn rate dropped

 Svelte, flexible editor that satisfied client expectations

With Tiny, Geoff was able to fulfill his clients’ number one requested feature, and the results speak for themselves. Most notably, they were able to increase their percentage of monthly active users that used the product at least once a day to over 85%. Other user engagement metrics have increased across the board along with average customer value, and churn rate is lower than before TinyMCE was implemented too.

Though TinyMCE is just a part of Accelo’s software, it’s helped Geoff further accomplish his goal of simplifying all the complexities that come with managing a business. What’s just as important, though, is that Geoff and his team are confident in knowing that Tiny is a partner every bit as flexible and reliable as their text editor.

Being able to know that we’ve made a good choice with TinyMCE – that we don’t have to worry about the editor, and can go on to focus on other things is so valuable. The open source background and history of TinyMCE, and how that’s been nourished by Tiny is awesome.

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