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case study

How Tiny helps Better Impact save tens of thousands of dollars and hundreds of developer hours per year

Dan Plaskon

VP of Technology, Better Impact

We really felt that Tiny had our backs. We have a responsibility to our members to always provide quality products, even if they don’t come directly from us. Tiny really hit the mark there.


Better Impact produces software for nonprofits and government agencies. Their suite of products helps their partners manage volunteers, accept online donations, and communicate with members more effectively.

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USA (Global)

Key Results

Switching to TinyMCE gave Better Impact

Tens of thousands of development dollars saved every year

Hundreds of developer hours saved annually

Quality documentation and ease of implementation into legacy software

Editor and plugins available in multiple languages


accurate clean copy-paste across platforms

Ability to embed videos from streaming platforms

Avoided having to create a costly in-house solution

So fully featured, have never needed to request new features

The challenges

Finding a budget-conscious rich text editing solution

KEY CHALLENGES for Better Impact (before TinyMCE)

Finding a budget-conscious rich text editing solution

Copy-paste errors from MSWord into HTML text area

Poor formatting results from existing text editor

In-house development was cost prohibitive

Inability to embed video

As Better Impact’s VP of Technology, Dan Plaskon knows the importance of creating software that’s intuitive and easy for his clients to use.

But Dan had a challenge: many of his clients preferred simple text editing processes, and liked to work in Word and then paste their content directly into his software’s text box. But Better Impact’s software only offered a plain HTML text area, which ruined his clients’ formatting.

Because Better Impact serves the not-for-profit space, all of his decisions also needed to be budget-conscious. He keeps his development team small, and always strives to deliver quality software that remains cost effective.

Dan needed to add rich text editing options to the software, and he knew developing a solution in-house would cost too much.

So instead, he needed a rich text editor that delivered the best possible results for his clients and made his software easy for them to use, while also keeping costs down.

Because we serve the not-for-profit space, we are always very budget-conscious with everything that we do as a company. So, trying to develop a rich text editing tool in-house and maintain it was just not feasible at all.

The solution

An affordable, highly-customizable rich text editor with MoxieManager and PowerPaste plugins


A Enterprise Grade Rich Text Editing Tool with:

  • Familiar UI and functionality
  • Premium support
  • Flexible premium plugins
  • Beautiful UX
  • Commercial licensing

When Dan found Tiny, he opted for their open-source offer, before upgrading to become a premium customer four years ago to make use of TinyMCE’s premium plugins.

He liked how Tiny hit the right balance between variety of features, affordable price point, top-notch documentation, and ease of implementation. And he loved how easy it was to integrate TinyMCE into Better Impact’s software. Having the products and plugins available in multiple languages was also a big advantage, because his software is multilingual.

But the best part was TinyMCE’s plugins, and how easy they made it for his clients to use his software. With MoxieManager’s slick integration and powerful functionality, clients could insert files from their desktop straight into the rich text editor. Thanks to the PowerPaste plugin, they could work in Word and paste their content and images directly into TinyMCE without losing their formatting.

This is one of the areas where TinyMCE really shines. The PowerPaste plugin is incredible. You can copy content out of Word and have a reliable translation of it into HTML on the other side. It’s one of the big wow factors when we do demos of our product.

The result

Thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours saved annually

 Tens of Thousands of dollars saved every year thanks to TinyMCE

 Hundreds of developer hours saved annually

 Premium plugins like PowerPaste make copying and pasting rich text simple

 Elegant and easy to configure user interface

Thanks to TinyMCE, Dan avoided having to create a costly in-house solution. He estimates that using TinyMCE saves him tens of thousands of dollars every year.

Because TinyMCE’s integration into Better Impact’s software is so seamless, managing it only requires part-time attention from a single developer on his team, saving him and the company hundreds of hours of developer time annually; a huge gain for his small team.

Best of all, his clients love the features TinyMCE offers. They rave about the ability to embed videos from streaming platforms, drag and drop images directly into text areas, and most of all paste text from Word without losing formatting.

It’s so fully featured, we’ve never had to request any new features from them. When a feature isn’t directly available in the product, there’s always an extension point to add a plugin and fill that gap. They’ve got the most robust product offering.

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