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case study

How Thomson Reuters saves reporters thousands of hours а year with TinyMCE

Paul Alexandrescu

Technical Director, Thomson Reuters

TinyMCE has removed enormous overhead from our journalists and allowed them to focus more оп getting the actual story. lt’s easy to integrate and has а great support staff behind it.


Thomson Reuters is a renowned mass media and information firm specializing in legal, tax, accounting, news and media. Thomson Reuters relies on a network of thousands of journalists from all over the world to deliver breaking news and information for professionals.

All names, titles and results were correct when originally published.


Mass Media


Canada (Global)

Key Results

Switching to TinyMCE saved Thomson Reuters

Overhead crushing CMS

Automated content creation

Increased productivity and client return

Dynamic templates using Noneditable plugin


hours journalist time saved


stories published/yr

The challenges

Reducing overhead with automated content creation

KEY CHALLENGES for Thomson Reuters (before TinyMCE)

Time consuming, repetitive manual writing

No automated population of data points

No dynamic templating

Paul Alexandrescu, Technical Director at Thomson Reuters, knows that when it comes to publishing news, every second counts. That’s why his team is developing a new tool that will save Thomson Reuters’ global team of journalists thousands of hours every year.

Instead of manually writing every story, the team envisioned a system that used templates with unique data points that would automatically populate with relevant information. To handle the front end of such an ambitious tool, they needed a rich text editor that could deliver the flexibility his team needed and the beautiful user experience his journalists expected.

In that move towards web-based editing, one of the most critical components was our editor, but to reinvent the wheel and build one seemed like a waste of resources. We found that the market had quite a few offerings, but TinyMCE was the best in terms of flexibility, integration, and support for the capabilities that we were looking at.

The solution

The most feature-rich WYSIWYG editor


An enterprise-grade rich text editing tool with:

  • Modern UX
  • 50+ flexible plugin options
  • Customizable text editor
  • Comprehensive documentation
  • Premium support
  • Commercial licensing

Over the course of several months, Paul and his team experimented with different editors, but it became clear that none of them had the same impressive set of features and plugins as TinyMCE.

With TinyMCE’s comprehensive documentation, Paul’s team were able to quickly integrate the editor and release an alpha version of their new content management system (CMS) within months. But it was TinyMCE’s plugins that really helped this new CMS shine.

Using the Noneditable plugin, writers could create templates with dynamic data points that, using the TinyMCE editor, could quickly populate a story with all kinds of information, from stock earnings to football scores. It’s a solution that would save journalists precious minutes while writing any story.

Paul was pleased with how responsive their support team was with any issue he encountered. TinyMCE’s popularity also meant Paul could learn from its community of over one million developers.

We loved TinyMCE’s support for non-editable components. Having that capability built-in and customizable was critical for us, along with the ease of integration. It’s just a spectacular tool.

The result

An automation tool that saves thousands of hours a year

 Dynamic templates help thousands of journalists save thousands of hours a year creating content

 Over 40,000 stories published a year

 Plugins and features that outshine competitors

 Met UI expectations of clients

As Paul and his team worked towards a 1.0 release of their new automation tool, they quickly saw the benefits that TinyMCE provides. With the Noneditable plugin and templates, Thomson Reuters journalists are able to automate the creation of certain stories, saving them precious minutes on each of the 40,000-plus articles published every year.

The result is an enormous savings in time that Thomson Reuters is using to expand their reach and report on even more companies. With TinyMCE’s easy-to-use interface, journalists spend less time wrestling with formatting and more time writing.

Thanks to the success of this new project, Thomson Reuters is also integrating TinyMCE into their main CMS. Soon, every one of its hundred stories published daily will be written and edited using TinyMCE. It’s a solution that Paul knows will get the job done.

In the past, our journalists had to write these stories manually whenever earnings results were being announced. Now, they are completely automated. By using this platform supported by TinyMCE, we’re able to cover more companies, which means we are able to keep and gather even more clients.

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