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TinyMCE's Latest Releases

May 8th, 2024

2 min read

The words TinyMCE 7.2 appear on a dark blue background to promote the release of this version of the rich text editor

Written by

Brad Lawless


World of WYSIWYG

Learn more about the latest TinyMCE version

Learn more about previous TinyMCE versions

What does a version change mean for TinyMCE?

Major releases (like TinyMCE 7.0) provide an opportunity to improve the codebase, which also comes with some breaking changes, and may require additional steps to upgrade.

Minor releases (like TinyMCE 7.1) introduce new features and bug fixes, and are backwards compatible

Patches (like TinyMCE 7.0.1) introduce bug fixes, and are backwards compatible


Starting fresh

If you’re looking to add TinyMCE 7 to a new project or replace your old editor, setup is fast and easy.


Sign up for your free cloud API key by choosing Free from our Pricing page. This gives a 14-day free trial to our most popular advanced features. After the 14-day trial has ended, you’ll have access to our core editing features for up to 1000 editor loads a month. 

Copy this code snippet into your app and start customizing your editor.

<script src="" referrerpolicy="origin"></script>
  selector: 'textarea#default-editor'

Cloud subscribers benefit from automatic minor version updates, so your users will always have the latest and greatest version of TinyMCE 7.

Self-hosted NPM: Run the following command to install TinyMCE:

npm install tinymce

Self-hosted download: Download the SDK here.

Migrating from TinyMCE 6

Depending on your configuration, you may have to make some changes to your implementation of TinyMCE 6 to migrate it to TinyMCE 7.1. Our team has put together a handy Migration Guide to help guide you through this process.

If none of these new features are available in your current TinyMCE plan, contact our Customer Success Team for assistance. 

Migrating to TinyMCE from another editor

If you’re interested in migrating from your existing editor to TinyMCE, our team has put together some handy guides to help you through the process:

Share your feedback on TinyMCE 7

We want to hear what you have to say about TinyMCE 7.1! Do you have feedback on this release or a bug to report? Head over to Github Discussions to share your feedback.

Have your say on new TinyMCE features

To find out what’s happening in the future for TinyMCE, head to our Public Product Roadmap to see what’s under development, and let the team at Tiny know what's important to you. 

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byBrad Lawless

Brad is a leader and expert in translating complexity - adapting complex concepts surrounding technology to create compelling, fact-based stories that drive community growth, and create stronger customer relationships.

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