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Every person that uses your LMS deserves an optimized experience that enhances (not detracts from) their e-learning. Don’t they?

But is the rich text editor that’s built into your LMS letting them down?

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Tiny MCE

Course designers, teachers, and other users can easily create, deliver, and update their content so it continually wows their students. TinyMCE makes it simple.

Explore what TinyMCE can do for your LMS

Multiply your engagement levels

Are you missing that deeper level of engagement and collaboration, that a great e-learning platform should create? Our editor creates an experience that’s loved by course content creators and learners alike – with many reporting 85% increases in engagement, interaction, and involvement. Imagine that on your platform! 

Skyrocket your productivity

Do your users waste hours creating, editing, and uploading content? Could those hours be better spent on engaging with students? Our WYSIWYG editor experience can reduce content creation time by 90% for teachers and creators. Over a year, your users could save thousands of hours in their workflow.

Maximize your developer output

Are your developers losing time on fixes, upgrades , and support? You’d get greater output and go to market faster if that same time was applied to development projects and improvements. Our thorough documentation and versatile customizability allows them to mold TinyMCE into a solution that perfectly fits their needs. It’s known to have saved up to six months' of developer time!

It’s easy to be more productive

Need to get something out fast? That’s simple. Our enhanced productivity features make it simple to quickly create content, stay organized, add checklists, embed media, and format content in a snap. With PowerPaste, you’ll enjoy a clean copy/paste experience from MS Word, Excel, or other popular tools.

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Power Paste

Inspire greater collaboration

Running group projects online? No problem. Our Collaboration tools bring users together like never before, for an experience that enhances (and encourages) their learning.Comments and mentions allow content to be reviewed and Real-time Collaboration enables students and teachers to edit content together in real-time.

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Collaboration tools

Be confident you're compliant

Got niggling fears your content isn’t compliant? Our Accessibility Checker makes certain that your course content is compliant with organizational requirements, local laws, and creates a positive experience for all students – regardless of their needs – by keeping your content compliant with WCAG and ARIA standards.

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Accessibility checker

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