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Maximize your content output and slash
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Value packed Premium

Without the right technical capabilities
content creation is hard

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Indispensable features like 99.9% accurate copy-paste, WCAG accessibility compliance, multi-language spell checking and Enhanced Tables formatting streamline and simplify the process of document, website and content creation

Get Premium subscription

See dramatic changes in your content creation workflows and increases in productivity, engagement and outputs, with closer collaboration, less support tickets, need for IT support and faster product launch or publishing cycles

Get Premium support

There's 24/7 online support, phone support, SLAs, 10,000+ editor loads p/mth, full CSS control, and a commercial license granting customization and proprietary rights to use and sell the premium features in your own product

Over 100M+ products worldwide grow
their business by using TinyMCE

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19+ WYSIWYG premium features

Six features worth the upgrade

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Clean copy-and-paste = less support tickets

  • Cleanly copy-pastes content from Word, Excel and Google Docs
  • Has helped dev teams decrease support tickets by 40%
  • Automatically cleans up rogue formatting in pasted content
  • Option to strip or preserve advanced formatting
  • Underlying HTML code doesn't break
  • 99.9% accuracy rate

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Premium subscription benefits

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Here's one powerful reason
to upgrade to Premium

PowerPaste is 99.9% accurate = less support tickets

Six more reasons to upgrade
to Premium subscription

Increased productivity

  • Decrease support tickets by up to 90%[1]
  • Reduce content creation time by 90%[4]

Deeper engagement

  • Increase the user engagement of a platform by 85%[2]
  • Increase customer gross retention and net retention[5]

Accelerated outputs

  • Increase developer velocity and save hundreds of thousands of dollars a year[3]
  • Halve your development time and deploy projects twice as fast[6]

Get maximum content output

Upgrade to Premium

Any questions about Premium?

What is OEM or SaaS?

OEM or SaaS providers can get access to custom pricing models focused on giving predictability, scalability, and can be customized to fit each use case. Please contact our sales team here to discuss your scenario.

How is the price calculated?

Cloud pricing is based on the maximum number of editor loads during a month.

How is usage tracked?

Editor loads are tracked on a calendar month basis. You will be able to access your current usage, as well as historical usage, directly in your account.

What are the detailed terms?

The Cloud Services Subscription Agreement and the Self-Hosted Software License Agreement explain rights, responsibilities, and support levels. For open source users, the terms of the GPLv2 license apply. If you have any queries, please contact us.


[1] How Tiny Saves Oasis LMS 260+ Ours A Year In Customer Support And Increases Platform Usage

[2] How Accelo Increased User Engagement To Over 85% With Tiny

[3] How DDSN Interactive Saves Thousands Of Development Hours Every Single Year With Tiny

[4] How Tiny Helps Catapult's Clients Cut Down Proposal Creation Times by 90%

[5] How Accelo Increased User Engagement To Over 85% With Tiny

[6] How DST Systems Slashed Their Development Time In Half With Tiny

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