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It's time to upgrade
TinyMCE 6

TinyMCE 4 is out of date,
and on April 20, 2023, TinyMCE 5
reached end of support

No more bug fixes or new features are being introduced
to TinyMCE 5. Upgrade to TinyMCE 6 today - most
instances take less than 10 minutes

See how to upgrade
Upgrade TinyMCE

Why upgrade to TinyMCE 6?

Next-generation editing

Give users the editing experience they expect, plus more

Upgrading to the latest version provides the most modern editing experience

Bug fixes

Avoid rich text editing embarrassments in your app

Stay ahead of browser changes and bugs by running the latest version

Security updates

Keep your app secure by keeping your editor secure

If and when they occur, security updates are released whenever a vulnerability is discovered

New plugins in TinyMCE 6

Image of Merge Tags screenshot


Merge Tags

Insert read-only merge tags into your content

Image of Footnotes screenshot



Add footnotes with the click of a button

Image of Spelling Autocorrect screenshot


Spelling Autocorrect

Fix common typos as they occur

Image of Advanced Typography screenshot


Advanced Typography

Easily apply 25+ typographic conventions

Image of Inline CSS screenshot


Inline CSS

Generate CSS-inlined HTML for email

Image of Templates screenshot



Let users create their own reusable content within the editor

Curious about premium TinyMCE plugins?

Explore our premium productivity, compliance and collaboration plugins

Other enhancements

Heart icon

Fresh look

A sleek new modern skin

Code icon

Enhanced Code Editor


Introducing a new 'inline' mode

Accessibility icon

Accessibility Checker


UI enhancements and WCAG rule updates

Comments icon



Introducing avatars and a powerful new Comments API

Color picker icon

Color picker

Custom color swatches and UX improvements

Docs icon

Improved docs

Easier navigation, better search, more demos

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How to upgrade to TinyMCE 6

Most upgrades take less than an hour

Step 1

Update the editor

Step 2

Check the dev console for messages

Step 3

Check for theme, plugin, option & API changes

Step 4

Test & deploy

Upgrade guides

Upgrading from TinyMCE 5 to 6

Quick tutorial (covers most configurations)

TinyMCE 5 to 6 migration guide (includes edge cases)

Upgrading from TinyMCE 4 to 6

Quick tutorial (covers most configurations)

TinyMCE 4 to 5 migration guide (includes edge cases)

Walkthrough video

Follow along a standard TinyMCE upgrade to
version 6 – in 7 minutes

Not sure what to do next? Send this page to your development team

Need help upgrading?

Skip the forums and get straight to the solution

All TinyMCE Premium plans – Essential, Professional and Custom – come with professional support. Not only can our team assist with your upgrade, but also act as your go-to for configuring or troubleshooting TinyMCE.

  • US-based team
  • Global coverage
  • Enterprise-level SLAs
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What is TinyMCE?

TinyMCE is a WYSIWYG software component that enables rich text editing capabilities in any application.

It’s used by millions of apps to allow users to create rich content – similar to Microsoft Word or Google Docs.

See TinyMCE in action →

Screenshot showing the TinyMCE editor

Help! I’m lost and I don’t know what to do

If you landed here and you’re not sure if this information applies to you or what to do next, we recommend you send this page to your software development team, Product Manager or IT department.

Chances are they’ll know where TinyMCE is being used and are able to perform the upgrade.

What does End of Support mean?

Beyond the End of Support date (April 20, 2023 for TinyMCE 5), we will not be releasing any new features, plugins, enhancements, bug fixes or security updates for TinyMCE 5.

To learn more, check out this article that describes End of Support in full detail.

How do I know what version of TinyMCE I’m using?

1. Visit a page where the TinyMCE editor is running
2. Open up developer tools in your browser (instructions: Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge)
3. Open the “console” tab or menu item (varies by browser)
4. Type in the command tinymce.majorVersion and press enter
5. The major version (e.g. 4, 5 or 6) will be shown. If you’re on version 6, there’s no need to upgrade.

Chrome screenshot:Screenshot showing the Chrome devtools

Where can I get help upgrading?

Contact our sales team to discuss available paid support options paid support options

Is TinyMCE free?

The core editor, with basic features, is free. It’s available as an open source library, or can be accessed through the Tiny Cloud.

Premium (advanced) features and professional support require a paid plan.

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