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What does TinyMCE 5 End of Support mean?

February 14th, 2023

3 min read

Two people representing support, but a red x, representing an ending

Written by

John Rau


Product-Led Growth

TinyMCE 5 reaches End of Support on April 20, 2023. 

That statement probably sparks the thought that you may be wondering what does “End of Support” mean? This article covers everything you need to know, and what (if any) actions you need to take.

End of Support defined

End of Support can mean different things, depending on the product, so it’s best to define what it means in the context of TinyMCE.

Here, beyond the End of Support date, we don’t release any more updates to the version of TinyMCE that’s reached its End of Support.

This means no new features, plugins, or enhancements, but more importantly, no more bug fixes or security patches.

While you may not be concerned about offering your users the latest and greatest rich text editing features you should be concerned about having the latest bug fixes and security updates applied to your product.

Why should that bother you? TinyMCE’s a component within your app, and if that component fails – whether that’s due to a browser update that changes TinyMCE’s behavior, or the latest browser cross-site scripting vulnerability – your app’s user experience is impacted.

To protect yourself and your app’s reputation, we recommend you update to TinyMCE 6 before TinyMCE 5 reaches End of Support.

Timing for TinyMCE 5 End of Support

Here's a quick run-down on how the timing is calculated for End of Support. When we release an update to TinyMCE (for example TinyMCE 5.10), it’s supported for 18 months after the release date.


TinyMCE 5.10 was released on October 20, 2021, so fast-forwarding 18 months, brings you to April 20, 2023 – its End of Support date.

Version numbers

You may now be asking, “Why are you talking about TinyMCE 5.10, when it’s TinyMCE 5 that’s reaching its End of Support?”

Fair question. TinyMCE 5.10 is the last release within TinyMCE 5, so when we say TinyMCE 5 is reaching its End of Support, we mean the last release within TinyMCE 5 (which is 5.10), is reaching End of Support.

Technical Support after TinyMCE 5 End of Support

So, ”Does End of Support mean no more Technical Support for TinyMCE 5?”

The answer is ‘No’, it's not the end of technical support, but we also realize this is confusing. 

Our professional Technical Support team will continue helping commercial customers to troubleshoot TinyMCE 5, however as time goes on and as the editor becomes more outdated, it’s harder for the team to find simple workarounds to TinyMCE 5 issues.

Finding your TinyMCE version

To know if you have to upgrade, you first need to know which version of TinyMCE you’re running.

Here’s how to quickly check your version number:

  1. Visit a page where the TinyMCE editor is running
  2. Open up developer tools in your browser (instructions: Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge)
  3. Open the “console” tab or menu item (varies by browser)
  4. Type in the command tinymce.majorVersion and press enter
  5. The major version (e.g. 4, 5 or 6) will be shown. If you’re on version 6, there’s no need to upgrade.

Chrome screenshot:

How to check TinyMCE version in browser dev console

Upgrade process

Most simple upgrades take under an hour, but depending on your level of customization, the upgrade process can be more complex. 

The upgrade from TinyMCE 4 or 5 to TinyMCE 6, follows these steps:

  1. Update the editor
  2. Check the dev console for messages
  3. Check for theme, plugin, option and API changes
  4. Test and deploy

The following resources walk you through the process, depending on which version you’re upgrading from.

Upgrading from TinyMCE 5 to TinyMCE 6:

Upgrading from TinyMCE 4 to TinyMCE 6:

Getting help

If you’re stuck, you can ask a question on the TinyMCE Stack Overflow community.

Or, if you’re on one of our paid plans, you can reach out to our US-based professional support team for assistance.

A video is also available explaining the upgrade steps:

And here's the transcript

    hey there it's John from Tiny and in
this video I'm going to show you how to
upgrade to tiny mc6 but before we get
into it let's talk about a few reasons
why you want to upgrade first of all
tiny MC5 reaches end of support on April
20th 2023. what that means is beyond
this date we're no longer going to be
releasing any more updates to Tiny MC5
that means no more new features and also
no more bug fixes or security updates so
if you want to stay current offer your
users the newest features and stay up to
date with security patches and Bug fixes
now is the time to upgrade to Tiny mc6
now there are four simple steps to
upgrading tiny MC in your app you'll
want to do this in a testing or staging
environment to make sure everything
works well before deploying to your
users so the first step is to update the
editor then check the dev console for
messages check for theme plugin and API
changes test it and then deploy it to
your live environment this upgrade
process will work if you're coming from
Tiny mc4 or tiny MC5 so before we get
started let's find out what version of
tiny MC we're on so I'm going to load up
tinymc wherever it's located in my app
I'm going to go to developer tools
and I'm going to type in
tinymc dot major version
and that's going to tell me what version
I'm on so I'm on version five now at
this point I'll pause and introduce you
to a few resources that can help you
troubleshoot upgrading if you run into
any errors if you go to and
you click on Docs
and then migrating to Tiny MCE it's
going to bring you to this page with
some upgrade guides so there's two types
of resources under upgrades there's some
blog articles that cover most of the
issues you'll run into when upgrading
and they're a great start and then
there's also the migration guides which
are full reference guides that cover all
the specific things that have changed so
for now we're going to use the migration
guide to help us troubleshoot errors
that the developer console will be
I've got my HTML on the right here and
Tiny MC on the left I've intentionally
inserted a few things to trip up the
upgrade process so we can look at how to
troubleshoot them we have our selector
option we've specified our plugins our
toolbar and we're using the table of
contents plugin and we've specified a
depth of the table of contents so if
you're not familiar with tiny MC it's a
series of these options that are
specified within the init function
and sometimes the options apply to the
entire editor for example the toolbar
and what plugins are loaded and other
options are specific to plugins you'll
see why that's important when this
plugin is upgraded now the next step is
to update tiny MC I'm loading tiny MC
from the cloud so all I have to do is
change the version number to six but if
you're self-hosting tiny MC you'll want
to download the latest version from npm
our website or GitHub okay so I've
updated it to six loading it from the
cloud and now I'm just going to reload
the page and look for any errors
so the first thing that we're seeing
here is a failed to load plug-in error
one of the things that we changed with
tiny mc6 is we no longer allow you to
enter a space separated list of plugins
within an array so to fix this it's
actually really simple all you have to
do is remove the two square brackets and
it'll start loading the plugins all
right so I'm going to hit save and
reload that again
Okay so we've made some progress here
but we're still seeing some errors
around Toc HR paste so let's take a look
at those next what I'm going to do is
I'm going to search for those plugin
names within the migration guide to see
if it gives me any hints as to what I
have to do
so I'm going to search for paste in the
migration guide
okay great so it says four plugins were
removed because their functionality is a
core part of tiny mc6 HR paste
non-editable and print so I think I can
see paste in HR in here so what we'll do
since they're now part of the course we
don't have to specify them in the config
when we load the plugins so I'm going to
remove paste
and I'm going to remove HR save and then
reload and check for more errors okay so
the next error I'm getting here is
failed to load Toc plugins Toc that's
the table of contents plugin from Tiny
MC5 so let's look for that next I'm
going to search for Toc
it says as noted in the release notes
the TOC plugin is no longer part of the
free editor it's now a premium plugin
okay so what I either need to do if I'm
on a free version of tiny MC I need to
remove the plugin its options and remove
it from the toolbar or if I'm on a
premium tiny MC plan I just need to
update the plugin name and change some
of the option names so I'm on a tiny MCE
plan so all I'm going to do is follow
these instructions to rename it so I
have Toc here in my plugins options so
I'm going to rename that to table of
I have Toc in my toolbar I'm going to
rename that to table of contents
and then I'm using an option from the
table of contents plugin in tiny MC5 Toc
depth which specifies how many headings
deep the table of contents will go I
want to maintain that functionality when
I upgrade to six so I'm just going to
look for that as well here we go Toc
depth becomes table of contents
underscore depth so I'll update that too
I'll hit save and reload my page okay
good so it looks like that error is gone
now and I can confirm I have my table of
contents button back here as well now at
this point you'll look if you have any
other options that you've specified in
your config and it's great to just copy
them and you can go back in here and
search for them to make sure that you're
not using something that's been
deprecated or changed with tiny mc6
there are a few other changes that you
want to check out if you're leveraging
some of the more advanced apis for
example tiny mc6 now uses promises
instead of callbacks there's changes to
the forced root block option and a few
others so if you're using more advanced
tiny MCE customizations or API
functionality definitely check out the
migration guide now lastly if your app
was relying on the tiny MC5 skin and
then all of a sudden you're updating to
Tiny mc6 and you don't want to use the
new skin that we've come up with you can
always specify the old tiny MC5 skin so
all I have to do here is Type in skin
tiny mc-5 and that'll bring us back to
the older skin now like I said before
it's the same process if you're
upgrading from Tiny MC four to six or
tiny MC5 to 6. you'll just want to check
both migration guides the four to five
migration guide and the five to six
migration guide to make sure that you're
covering all the changes needed to move
across both versions okay that's it
hopefully you're excited to try some of
the new features in tiny mc6 and you can
continue to benefit from new features
ongoing bug fixes and security updates
and of course we encourage you to check
out to see what new premium
features we've introduced as well if you
haven't looked at tiny MC in a few years
we're really excited for you to see what
we've been working on now if you run
into any issues with your upgrade you
can always head over to stock overflow
for Community Support or if you'd like
to leverage our us-based professional
support team you can sign up for any one
of our plans and we'll help you out with
the upgrade good luck 

About TinyMCE 6

TinyMCE 6 brings the latest in editing features, along with a cutting-edge, modern UI, into your app – empowering your users to do more than ever. If you’re still on the fence about upgrading, check out 6 reasons to upgrade to TinyMCE 6.

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byJohn Rau

A former developer, John works on the Marketing team at Tiny. When he's not spreading the word about TinyMCE, he enjoys taking things apart and *trying* to put them back together (including his house and anything else that looks interesting).

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