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Who is TinyMCE for?

April 7th, 2021

4 min read

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Written by

Qiran Gabrielle-Grace


World of WYSIWYG


It’s a simple question, “Who is TinyMCE for?” The simple answer is “everyone”. I mean look at some of our users - it’s a bit hard to categorize them into just one box, isn’t it? 

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What is TinyMCE?

A good place to start exploring TinyMCE, is to properly understand what it is (and what it does). 

In a snapshot, TinyMCE is one of the world’s most advanced rich text editors. It’s used ‘under the hood’ on thousands of different kinds of platforms such as email management systems, content management systems, and online word processors. Normally, code is required to format rich text (e.g., adding bold, italics, underline, hyperlinks, titles). However, a rich text editor like TinyMCE, gives that power to end-users by automatically “coding” the rich text behind the scenes – without them needing to know how to code. 

Every change that’s made within the editor, reflects the final version of how the text will look. That’s why TinyMCE is a WYSIWYG rich text editor, because… what-you-see-is-what-you-get (WYSIWYG). 

Why does TinyMCE exist? 

TinyMCE frees software developers from the headache of building complicated, expensive and time-consuming in-house content creation solutions – thus allowing organizations to focus on developing their core business. 

While TinyMCE primarily supports developers, it also helps the end-user – content creators. By helping to make their editing experience as familiar and as simple as possible, it allows them to focus their attention on creating great content (without needing a developer). 

Ok… so who should use TinyMCE? 

Now that you’ve got an understanding of what TinyMCE is and why it exists, let’s explore who our WYSIWYG editor best suits and the value it adds to these people, in their everyday roles.


Building a rich text editor is complex - it requires considerable effort and continuous maintenance. TinyMCE is a highly competitive solution that reduces the costs and risks of a company’s technological investments. By offloading content creation to a globally trusted provider, CTO’s can lower company development and maintenance costs while also eliminating the risks and uncertainty of internal development cycles. Additionally, TinyMCE ensures a company’s technology is future-proofed and aligned to the constantly evolving needs of end-users. As an example, TalentMap saved $100,000 a year, by using TinyMCE. You can read the case study, here.   

Product Managers

Software development teams are constantly under pressure to meet development deadlines, so product managers use TinyMCE to gain back time. With TinyMCE, development teams have an enterprise-grade contention creation solution at their disposal, which then allows them to channel their efforts towards developing the special, core features of their products. By cutting out the unnecessary task of developing a rich text editor, product managers increase their speed to market for new releases.  

End-Users/Content Creators 

The editor is highly customizable in both visual design and features. Developers can therefore use the editor to build products that have the end-user clearly in mind. As a result, TinyMCE improves end-user satisfaction, which in turn builds brand loyalty, trust and reduces churn. In fact, this is precisely what happened with Accelo. After utilizing TinyMCE, Accelo reported an 85% increase in user engagement, while also decreasing churn. 


Fundamentally, TinyMCE was created to improve the productivity of developers. It delivers that improvement by eliminating the need to develop and maintain an in-house rich text editor, so instead they can stay laser-focused on ensuring their own product is market-leading. 

Real-world industry use cases   

Here are just a few of our real-world use cases, from various industries. 


Most educational institutions (elementary, secondary and tertiary) make use of at least one learning management system (LMS) to deliver online education and training experiences to their students. BlackboardDesire2Learn and Moodle are all popular LMS’s used across all educational levels (and became a necessity during COVID-19). 

The key focus of an LMS is the ability to collaborate online, so that students, teachers, administrators, and course coordinators are able to effectively share information. For that reason, highly sought after TinyMCE features such as CommentsMentions and Real-Time Collaboration are essential to building a high-performing LMS user experience.


TinyMCE is frequently used by end-users to quickly create engaging content. This makes it a brilliant productivity tool for online publications and blogs. Often, writers need to produce large volumes of work, and there’s little time to figure out how to use a platform. It needs to be simple, intuitive, and enjoyable. The popular newsletter Morning Brew chose to implement TinyMCE into their workflow and saved their writers countless hours - you can read more about their experience with TinyMCE in this case study.      

Email Marketing Systems 

These systems create and deliver emails via either an automated process or a core single email marketing system (i.e., MailChimp). An important part of these systems is ensuring that all emails sent are compliant with regulations. For example, our Accessibility Checker feature ensures email content complies with WCAG and ARIA accessibility standards, while our Link Checker feature determines if a link in the editor is valid, invalid, or questionable – thus making sure email hyperlinks are safe for readers. 

Final thoughts 

TinyMCE is designed for developers with the end-user in mind, regardless of the industry. For decades, successful companies have chosen to use TinyMCE so that in turn, they can focus their resources on developing other features that are unique to their core business. 

Join the likes of Nasa, Microsoft and Shopify who benefit from TinyMCE doing the heavy lifting work in the background. Take a look at the full feature list to see where TinyMCE can help your company.

We offer simple pricing plans and feel free to chat with us if you have any further questions. 

byQiran Gabrielle-Grace

Helping get the word out about all the great things Tiny has to offer. Loving the WFH life because he can play loud music and dance, while still calling it work.

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