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case study

How TalentMap saved hundreds of thousands of dollars with Tiny

Chris Creery

Senior Software Architect, TalentMap

TinyMCE is so easy to use, and we don't have to worry about text editing anymore. Without Tiny, we would have had to put somebody full time on building a tool like that, which could easily have cost $100,000 a year, not to mention the ongoing costs of maintaining an expensive tool.


TalentMap inspires organizational change and drives employee engagement through surveys, data analytics, and action planning. Across a wide variety of industries, TalentMap's powerful suite of tools gives businesses invaluable workplace intelligence, whether that's through in-house management or full-service programming.

All names, titles and results were correct when originally published.


Human Resources


Canada (Global)

Key Results

Switching to TinyMCE saved Talent Map


a year in development cost and time


in ongoing maintenance costs

0 time

now spent triple-checking work

1 day

integration and setup

Drastically reduced support requests

The challenges

An unreliable and finicky survey creation tool

KEY CHALLENGES for Talent Map (before TinyMCE)

Copy-paste errors

Low confidence in text editor

Time wasted triple checking work

Manual coding needed to fix errors

High cost of building their own text editor

Fast-to-market requirements

Copying and pasting rich text should be simple, but for Chris Creery, TalentMap's Senior Software Architect, it was a frustrating hurdle that was wasting countless hours.

After collaborating with clients in a Microsoft Word document, TalentMap's customer service team would paste the finalized survey questions into a custom tool that used a Telerik text editor so they could send out questionnaires to their client's employees. But it was never that simple. Though it looked like the text pasted properly at first, once the surveys were in employees' hands, TalentMap often discovered the formatting was broken or missing altogether.

To ensure questionnaires were working properly, TalentMap was having to triple-check their work or manually edit the code, wasting precious time and increasing the risk of further mistakes. It was time to make a change. But the costs of building a proprietary text editor would be exorbitant, and Chris needed a solution that wouldn't take months of developer time to get running. To succeed, Chris needed a WYSIWYG rich text editor that was as reliable as it was easy to maintain.

Copying and pasting from Microsoft Word into the Telerik components didn't work reliably and that was a big hurdle for us because we ended up wasting a lot of time. Our team had no faith in the tool and they constantly had to go back and check two or three times in order to make sure that everything was correct.

The solution

A rich text editor that you can trust


An open source rich text editing tool with:

  • Modern UX
  • 50+ flexible plugin options
  • Customizable text editor
  • Premium support
  • Commercial licensing
  • Flexible deployment options
  • Scalable editor that handles future growth

As Chris began the search for a new rich text editor, it quickly became clear there was one choice: TinyMCE. Its robust features, easy implementation, and suite of premium plugins ticked all of Chris' boxes, and once he tried the premium PowerPaste plugin, he was completely on board.

Unlike the Telerik text editor, PowerPaste cleaned unnecessary code and always maintained the formatting and style from Microsoft Word. Suddenly, a task that had been so frustrating was effortless, and TalentMap could finally have faith in the tools they were using.

Integrating TinyMCE was so straightforward, Chris' team had a new version of their tool running in less than a day. Furthermore, TinyMCE's customizable UI meant Chris could perfectly tune the editor to fit TalentMap's needs without overwhelming users with too much functionality.

We're so used to constantly fielding complaints about whatever's happening and how it doesn't quite work, but there's been very little of that since we started using TinyMCE. It's night and day compared to Telerik in terms of ease of use and just how rapidly people got up to speed on it.

The result

A reliable tool that saves both time and money

 Premium plugins like PowerPaste make copying and pasting rich text simple

 Elegant and easy to configure user interface can suit any use case

 Simple implementation and low overhead saves development time and money

With TinyMCE and its PowerPaste plugin, Chris finally has the solution he needs – one that actually works, saving TalentMap from having to spend thousands of hours of development time on their own solution or constantly having to tinker with a less intuitive product.

Since partnering with Tiny, Chris says support requests have been drastically reduced, and now TalentMap's customer service team isn't wasting precious time triple-checking their work. TinyMCE has been so useful, Chris even integrated it into TalentMap's other products.

With TinyMCE's set-and-forget reliability, Chris isn't having to constantly worry that things are going to break. Everything works, and, just as importantly, copying and pasting rich text is finally as simple as it sounds.

TinyMCE does what it says it's going to do. It's as simple as that. Building something ourselves would be a hundred times more costly, and now we don't have to waste time responding to support calls or trying to fix bugs.

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