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Tiny’s brand refresh: time for a new look

Andrew Roberts

February 28th, 2021

Written by

Andrew Roberts


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Behind the scenes, Tiny has been getting ready for a makeover. A lot has changed over the years; us, the power of developers, the sophistication of content creators, and the importance of great user experiences. So much so, we have felt it was time to refresh our brand and website to reflect these changes.   

There has been a vast amount of thought and hard work behind our brand refresh, and I am eager to share some higher-level insights from behind the scenes.


The Tiny website is the front door to our world. Therefore, a big part of rebranding required us to redefine what Tiny stands for in the community and how we want to greet new users. It also meant we needed a comprehensive understanding of the industry we operate in.

“Our industry does not respect tradition. What it respects is innovation.” 

Satya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft 

As a company with roots that go back more than 21 years, this quote resonates deeply and begged questions such as: 

How do we incorporate why we started the company in the first place with the needs of the customers today?

How does one balance heritage without becoming a “legacy” product?

You cannot remain relevant without taking a risk and shedding your skin. Our new branding and website include gaming aesthetics and code elements, which resonated strongly with us as developers and designers. To balance this, we included heritage elements such as blue coloring and diamond structures so longtime customers will still recognize us. Overall there has been a shift in focus from our products towards the value we create for users. 


Fun fact, we still have dozens of active customers that first joined us before 2010 - that’s some genuine long-term success with Tiny. By redefining ourselves and refreshing our look, we hope to encourage existing users to rediscover the advantages TinyMCE brings to their platform. It helps reflect the changes and innovation that we have brought to our software and the rich text editing space over the years as well. Our R&D team is bigger than it has ever been, and it is enabling us to build out exciting new features like real-time collaboration.

As we are part of the subscription economy, success comes from engaging customers in long-term relationships. People can leave at any time if they choose, so we want you to continuously rediscover the value created by the Tiny platform and trust we will always deliver to the highest of standards. We want the future of web-based document editing for our existing users to continue to be Tiny.


Amidst all the changes, things can sometimes get a bit confusing during a brand refresh. Hence, reinforcing the brand’s core messages is vital. 

We handcrafted the new website with passion and enthusiasm. We took time on thousands of tiny details so people can get to know us even better than before. With the sheer amount of effort required to do a refresh like this, I know the developer community will recognize and appreciate it (even if just subconsciously.) 

So if there’s something I want to reinforce to our community, it’s that the hard work, the excitement, and the amount of thought which has gone into this refresh is the same effort that has gone into building all Tiny products. 

Moving forward 

Our brand means as much to us here at Tiny as it does to customers. We want to attract like-minded people who care deeply about productivity for the modern web and, given a chance, would want to be part of our company. 

So to all those that haven’t yet seen it… go check out our new website!

byAndrew Roberts

Co-founder and CEO of Tiny, the company behind TinyMCE and other great content creation products and services.

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