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This plugin adds support for some XHTML elements these include cite, ins, del, abbr, and acronym.

xhtmlxtras controls/buttons

Name Summary
cite Cite element control.
ins Ins element control.
del Del element control.
abbr Abbr element control.
acronym Acronym element control.
attribs Common element attributes such as class, id, lang etc.

Installation Instructions

  1. Add plugin to TinyMCE plugin option list example: plugins : "xhtmlxtras".
  2. Add the cite,ins,del,abbr,acronym button names to button list, example: theme_advanced_buttons3_add : "cite,ins,del,abbr,acronym".

Initialization Example

  theme : "advanced",
  mode : "textareas",
  plugins : "xhtmlxtras",
  theme_advanced_buttons3_add : "cite,ins,del,abbr,acronym"

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