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This option enables you to have an external list of links, which can be generated by a server side page and then inserted into the link dialog windows of TinyMCE. The links can be to internal site documents or external URLs.

Change in 3.0: The way that relative URLs are calculated has changed since the 2.x version - you may want to use absolute URLs for this setting.

Example of usage of the external_link_list_url option:

    external_link_list_url : "myexternallist.js"

Note: If utilizing the document_base_url option, the path to your file is relative from that base. If not set, your path is relative from the file containing the editor call.

Example of a external link list file: (myexternallist.js)

var tinyMCELinkList = new Array(
    // Name, URL
    ["Moxiecode", ""],
    ["Freshmeat", ""],
    ["Sourceforge", ""]

Example of a PHP-generated external link list file

See the example of a PHP-generated image list file for comparison.

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