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InheritanceToolbar Container Control

This class is used to create toolbars a toolbar is a container for other controls like buttons etc.

Public Properties

PropertyDefined By
controls : Array : Array of controls added to the container.Container

Public Methods

MethodDefined By
add(c:Control):Control : Adds a control to the collection of controls for the container.Container
destroy():void : Destroys the control will free any memory by removing event listeners etc.Control
get(n:String):Control : Returns a control by id from the containers collection.Container
isActive():Boolean : Returns true/false if the control is disabled or not.Control
isDisabled():Boolean : Returns true/false if the control is disabled or not.Control
isRendered():Boolean : Returns true/false if the control has been rendered or not.Control
postRender():void : Post render event.Control
remove():void : Removes the control.Control
renderHTML():String : Renders the toolbar as a HTML string.Toolbar
renderTo(n:Element):void : Renders the control to the specified container element.Control
setActive(s:Boolean):void : Sets the activated state for the control.Control
setDisabled(s:Boolean):void : Sets the disabled state for the control.Control
setState(c:String, s:Boolean):void : Sets the specified class state for the control.Control

Method details


public function renderHTML():String
Renders the toolbar as a HTML string. This method is much faster than using the DOM and when creating a whole toolbar with buttons it does make a lot of difference.

String - HTML for the toolbar control.

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