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Gets called once the cursor/selection in a TinyMCE instance changes. This is useful to enable/disable button controls depending on where the users are and what they have selected. This method gets executed a lot and should be as performance tuned as possible.

Callback arguments

Name Summary
editor_id (string) TinyMCE editor instance id that was changed.
node (HTMLNode) Current node location, where the cursor is in the DOM tree.
undo_index (int) The current undo index, if this is -1 custom undo/redo is disabled.
undo_levels (int) The current undo levels, if this is -1 custom undo/redo is disabled.
visual_aid (boolean) Is visual aids enabled/disabled ex: dotted lines on tables.
any_selection (boolean) Is there any selection at all or is there only a cursor.

Example of usage of the handle_node_change_callback option

    handle_node_change_callback : "nodeChangeHandler"

function nodeChangeHandler(editor_id, node, undo_index, undo_levels, visual_aid, any_selection) {
   // Debug to Firebug in FF

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