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Tiny powers JoomlaDay Australia 2019

Ben Long

August 31st, 2019

Written by

Ben Long


Open Source

At Tiny, we have a strong commitment to open source, and we believe in empowering people everywhere to create great content. So it was with great pleasure that we were the platinum sponsor of JoomlaDay Australia Brisbane 2019 – a weekend of engaging seminars and hands-on workshops, enjoyed by both experts and newcomers and, of course, a celebration of all things Joomla.

Photograph of JoomlaDay attendees.

There was an excellent lineup of speakers throughout the weekend. We were particularly impressed with the broad range of topics on the program, extending to general web development and marketing (including our own Rob Collings with his presentation on 10 Marketing Hacks To Grow Your Business, For Teams Of One).

Setting the scene: Community and collaboration

Lyndsey Jackson, from WeCollaborate, kicked things off with her keynote talk, How Joomla! Changed My Life – intentionally supporting community and collaboration, in which she shared the inspiring story behind the #notmydebt movement. She has been using content management systems such as Joomla and Drupal for more than ten years to build communities and facilitate change.

Lyndsey shared how the movement started out with a simple idea based on a trend of false debt stories, and then how passion, purpose, and the community grabbed ahold of it quickly, turning it into something bigger than she could have imagined.

It’s always encouraging to hear how such significant accomplishments often start with something very small – Tiny even! – and that we all have a part to play in enabling people to connect with others through content, as developers of the platform, as evangelists, or indeed developers of the editing experience.

Talking Tiny

A lot of new features were released in TinyMCE 5. So it was great to hear Marty Friedel, from Mity Digital, talk first-hand about how those features are helping him and his users to be more productive every day.

In his talk, he demonstrated Tiny DriveSpell Checker ProPowerPasteAccessibility CheckerCase ChangeAdvanced Code Editor, as well as the inline and distraction-free editing modes, to name a few. And it was enlightening to hear the use cases from someone who is actually using them. For example, the benefits of Case Change are not always immediately apparent. But Marty explained that when users submit copy in the wrong case, editors can save time by correcting it with the click of a button. It was also cool to hear how the ability to customize the color palette ensures that your content authors are always on brand.

Hear more about these features in Marty’s video.

Marty followed this up on the Sunday with a live interactive workshop demonstrating how to build your own TinyMCE plugins (with which he has a lot of experience).

Needless to say, we came away extra chuffed when Mity Digital was awarded “Best Overall” site for their stellar work with GBA Projects, which now features on the global Joomla Showcase Directory. Well done, guys!

Photograph of Mity Digital staff.

Competition: “Powered by Tiny”

Tiny is currently giving away opportunities for developers to have their meetups “powered by Tiny” with free pizza, drinks, and swag.

And the winner at JoomlaDay Australia 2019 was Andre Conate from Abante Group. Congrats, Andre! Can’t wait to see you at the next meetup.

If you are interested in having your next meetup powered by Tiny, reach out on Twitter.

Where to from here?

As always, it’s a privilege to be part of an ecosystem such as this one, and it was a delight to support the Australian Joomla community through this event. 

As a bonus, it gave us, at Tiny, an opportunity to find out more about our developer community.

For me, it was good to be able to talk to people who use our product – whether via the TinyMCE or JCE integrations – on a daily/weekly basis. I learned a lot about their use cases and their pain points, and that kind of information is invaluable to those of us in the editor team. Honestly really grateful to all the people who let me grill them for info!

Millie, Engineer at Tiny

We are dedicated to making TinyMCE easy to use for both the developers implementing it in their sites and applications, as well as the end users. Events like this allow us to connect with our community in a helpful and meaningful way. And by connecting with the community, we can plan for the future together.

TinyMCE 5 is currently available in Joomla 4.0 Alpha if you would like to check it out, or you can try the TinyMCE 5 live demo on its own.

*Photos courtesy of Joomla Australia.

byBen Long

Computer scientist, storyteller, teacher, and an advocate of TinyMCE. Reminisces about programming on the MicroBee. Writes picture books for kids. Also the wearer of rad shoes. “Science isn’t finished until you share the story.”

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