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Setka + React Storefront integration for better eCommerce sites

Originally published on between 2017-2021 and migrated during 2021/22. Some details may have changed since the original version was published.


A type of application software delivered through the web, built using common web technologies including HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

In case you haven’t heard, progressive web apps (PWAs) are the way of the future, and React Storefront (RSF) is helping eCommerce brands by creating a PWA with an eye towards their specific needs. Setka integrates with that PWA – so your eCommerce site is stunning as well as speedy.

For the uninitiated, progressive web apps (or PWAs) allow you to easily create a website that looks good on any device, and that works better (and loads a lot faster) than your average responsive design. “PWA is the new frontier for eCommerce, promising an unparalleled user experience and lightning-fast page loads, even on slow connections,” explains Sander Mangel, Developer Evangelist for React Storefront.

React Storefront makes good on that promise, with their open-source PWA framework with AMP. It’s built to help you achieve blazingly fast speeds: when combined with the right application delivery network, it’s able to achieve median page loads of around 320MS, which is essentially the blink of an eye. Unlike other PWAs, it’s custom built for eCommerce, with specific UI elements and templates. It’s headless and platform agnostic, and currently has open-source connectors for both Magento 2 and Salesforce Commerce Cloud (with more on the way). And it’s got so much other good stuff going for it.

PWA is the new frontier for eCommerce, promising an unparalleled user experience and lightning-fast page loads, even on slow connections.

Sander Mangel

Developer Evangelist for React Storefront

Setka has always believed that what’s going on behind the scenes is just as important for the success of a website as it’s visual design. “Optimizing for quality of user experience has always been the primary mission at Setka. We believe that a beautiful and engaging design can also be speedy (and it should be for the best experience),” explains Igor Kuznetsov, Director of Software Development for Tiny Technologies. “That’s why this integration with React Storefront is exciting for us and our clients.”

With these two tools combined, you’ll have everything you need to build a site that looks great and works brilliantly. Bring in information and tools from your favorite eCommerce platform (RSF has official connectors with Salesforce Commerce Cloud and Magento 2, but also supports third party integrations) as well as Setka’s API. Use RSF to build the eCommerce experience of your dreams, then create output in whatever format you need, from HTML for the web and mobile to AMP.

You can create beautiful posts in Magento and use all the power of headless experience with lightning-fast websites built with RSF. Also, you can combine the RSF platform-agnostic experience with Setka API to deliver the best from both worlds – product data from an eCommerce platform and content data from Setka Cloud.

Igor Kuznetsov

Director of Software Development, Tiny Technologies

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