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Setka listed in G2 Grid® Report for second time running

Originally published on between 2017-2021 and migrated during 2021/22. Some details may have changed since the original version was published.

In the Fall 2020 G2 Grid Report (and the second time running), Setka earned 13 new badges honoring our dedication to creating an exceptional no code design tool for content creators.

We’re thrilled to announce that in the Fall 2020 G2 Report, Setka has been listed as:

  • Top ten best product
  • Top three highest rated tool for WYSIWYG Editor
  • Top three highest rated tool for Content Experience
  • Top three highest rated tool for Content Creation

In addition to the 15 Summer 2020 Report badges we’d already earned, we were rewarded with 13 new ones in the Fall Report.

Fall 2020 Badges




Who is G2?

G2 is the world’s leading business software review platform that collects reviews from real users and then rounds them up into their quarterly Grid Reports, which rank which software is truly the best.

While every award is an honor, we’re especially proud of the recognition we get from G2 since it’s based on the experience of our actual customers. Seeing this, we know for sure that publishers, content marketers, and other creators who use our design tool can design beautiful pages with ease, build content experiences that perform, and readily turn to us when they’re stuck, knowing we’ll be there to support them.

In particular, we’re excited to see that our new badges indicate that we’re providing an unbeatable tool for small businesses and mid-market alike.

“Setka helped us speed up our content production and create custom designs.”

We’re grateful to all the content designers and creators who used and reviewed Setka, and are excited to keep improving our tool to ensure creators keep having outstanding experiences.

Have some thoughts about your experience with Setka that you’d like to share? Submit a review here!

New to Setka? Learn more about the product and check out all our G2 reviews.

Give Setka a try

Get a demo from our Customer Success team or try Setka for 14 days, free.

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