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Tiny's brand refresh: what to expect

Ben Wilkinson

March 3rd, 2021

Written by

Ben Wilkinson


News & Updates

As you may have noticed, things are looking a little different around here. That's right - we've done a bit of a rebrand! It's not a full redesign of our products (at least, not yet), but we have made some changes to the look and feel of the Tiny brand and website as you know.

Here’s why we’re changing things up and what you can expect…

Why change the Tiny look and feel?

To put it bluntly, the old Tiny website is a combination of vanilla and old school. It’s functional and it doesn’t offend anyone, but it also doesn’t really target anyone specifically. And that’s a problem.

We have a couple of different audiences, with 80% of our current incoming customers being developers (through word-of-mouth) who use the product. The other 20% are either product managers or directors who make the purchase.

It makes more sense for us to pursue the developer persona with an aesthetic that reflects this. Our goal with the brand refresh is to do away with vanilla and take a bolder approach. This will help us to appeal to the developer audience, be more memorable, and stand out from competitors.

What’s changing? 


The first big change is that we’ll stop talking about the cloud so much. The main problem is that cloud-focused messaging sounds like we just do cloud products, when we also offer on-prem solutions. And to the developer audience, “cloud” has become almost meaningless. Most established software providers offer a cloud solution these days, so it’s not a standout benefit. Plus, it’s fairly obvious that Tiny is a cloud company, so we don’t need to state it on every page.

New UI default skins

A huge part of the brand refresh includes new default skins for our website and software user interfaces. The redesign will bring everything up to the twenty first century, and strike the balance between modern and corporate; constrained and fun. You’ll still see Tiny’s classic blues here and there, but overall, the new UI has a much darker look.


Along with the new UI, we have updated the Tiny logo to be more modern, with a darker aesthetic. 

Custom icons

We’ve been playing around with illustrations that reflect our updated look and feel. Custom icons will help Tiny’s brand stand out from the crowd and appeal to our specific audience.


You can see more emphasis on specific typography styles to match the developer aesthetic. Think old-school, monospaced fonts that you’d find on typewriters and in software text editors.


As part of our messaging update, in the near future we will be changing the URL from to That way, we’ll get away from cloud-centric messaging and put the focus on our key audience: developers. 

All our existing .cloud URLs will be redirected to minimize traffic loss, and we will also change over our company email addresses for consistency.

What’s inspired us?

Here’s a small taste of what we’ve been pinning to our moodboards:

  • Framer - Does a great job of targeting designers
  • Sketch - Clearly pursues the designer demographic, with a more corporate feel
  • Figma - Promotes collaboration and unreservedly goes after designers
  • Github - Quintessential developer aesthetic
  • Stripe - Design is engaging, bright, bold, and abstract with an enterprise feel
  • Segment - Bold and polished; targets both developers and marketers
  • Abstract - Effectively targets people who work in software

Sensing a bit of a theme? We’re taking inspiration from SaaS companies that boldly go after a specific market (even if it’s not exactly the same as our own target market). 

Despite that, we made sure not to create a carbon copy of the above brands. Overall, Tiny has a lot more freedom to have fun and be dynamic!

Tips for your own brand refresh

Planning your own brand refresh for 2021? Here’s some of what we’ve learned so far:

  • Refresh, not redesign - The word “redesign” is a bit of a loaded word. You might find it quicker and easier to get a brand “refresh” approved by stakeholders.
  • Go gradual - Instead of doing all the changes in one big hit, we’ve been gradually modernizing our look and getting the brand closer to what we envision.
  • Do the bare minimum - In 2020, we updated Tiny Blueprint with a new look, but the execution was very thin. It’s okay to start with the bare minimum if it means taking a small step in the right direction. It might even pave the way for you to take a much bigger step.

Want to share your own brand refresh tips and experiences? Let’s continue the conversation over on Twitter @joinTiny. And make sure you’re following us to get all the updates on our new look!

byBen Wilkinson

Director of Product & Design at Tiny. Subscribes to a customer-first design philosophy. Repeat founder with a legacy of independent design and engineering efforts across Microsoft, Virgin Airlines, ABC and government. Workshop-aholic.

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