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Take part in the State of Rich Text Editors survey

Di Mace

March 27th, 2022

3 min read

Written by

Di Mace


Developer Insights

Last year marked the inaugural year of our State of Rich Text Editors Survey – the only survey that seeks to understand what developers look for in their editors. In November, when the 2021 Survey Report was published, another milestone was reached for both rich text editing and the developers who use them: the beginnings of understanding.

For decades, rich text editors (RTEs) have been an indispensable component within apps, platforms and sites. More often than not they’re overlooked, but those ‘quiet achiever’ RTEs play a pivotal role within the workflows of almost every tech stack, and directly affect both user experience and app performance. Curiously though, they’re rarely considered a must-know about.

That was the backdrop of our inaugural 2021 Survey: what was the impact of best practice RTEs (or lack thereof) on modern tech, and how it needed to be better understood, appreciated and quantified. 

Our aim, therefore, is to grow this annual survey so that it represents everyone who uses and develops with rich text editors

But for this survey to grow, we need your help. The more data points we can gather on how developers use RTEs around the world, the more useful the results are to everyone and the tech ecosystem at large. 

While TinyMCE is included in a few questions, the majority of the survey covers general engineering and RTE topics, like the languages and frameworks people love and hate. We’re intent on making this survey about more than us – it's about the RTE sector as a whole – which is why we promise to openly share the results with the entire industry, be they friend or foe.

Sharing the word

In addition to taking the survey yourself, we ask that you share the 2022 RTE Survey link with every programmer, engineer and developer you know (because we know not everyone who codes or uses rich text editors, visits or reads our blog). 

Drop the link in your work’s #engineering chat channel, share it on social media and get your community involved however you can.… so that it represents industry-wide feedback from developers, engineers and product managers alike.

It’s the job of software professionals’ to take big ideas and make them a reality. Help us do just that, with this RTE 2022 Survey.

Future-pacing evolution

Each survey builds on the prior years’ RTE insights and deepens the understanding of their workings, what they do and ways they can expedite your coding. 

That information helps ensure that rich text editors and their features, their evolution, community and ecosystem all fit the needs of the developers who use them and it encourages further open source development.

The 2021 RTE Survey results highlighted the forces of change impacting RTEs:

  • Security is of utmost importance
  • UX is the focus of most RTE challenges
  • Innovative features less important than user and developer-friendliness
  • Growth in API usage reflects API Economy mega trend and digital transformation

In 2022, we’re keen to see what’s changed.

Rich text editor 2022 survey open

The State of Rich Text Editing 2022 Survey is open until 30 June 2022 and takes approximately 10 minutes to complete. 

As a thank you for your time, the first 500 respondents receive a TinyMCE T-shirt (mailed after the survey closes) and get early access to the report results.

This survey is one way for the industry to better understand how you use rich text editors, the tools and features you need, as well as what’s most important to you to make your job easier. 

So get in there and tell us what is important to you – complete The State of Rich Text Editors survey! We’ll share the insights you’ve shared, in Q3 2022. Can’t wait to read your thoughts!

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byDi Mace

Marketing Communications Manager, Messaging strategist and copywriter whose passion lies in working with brands like Tiny, that have deep-seated values and embrace the power of their story. She gets a kick out of solving problems, loves learning new things and making stuff, every day. When she’s not thinking through clever copy lines or clarifying value propositions, she’s knitting amazing socks for everyone she knows.

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