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Setka and Tiny reinvent content creation

Kate Bazilevskaya

July 22nd, 2021

Written by

Kate Bazilevskaya


Tiny Sparks

While Setka is now proudly part of Tiny Technologies, our history within the content creation space began more than 15 years ago. 

Since then, Setka has earned industry recognition through more than 65 international advertising awards (the Webbys, Cannes Lions, Native Advertising Institute, Design & Art Direction, One Show and Eurobest). Setka also won native advertising awards, and was rated among the top ten solutions in Content Experience and Content Editing Software by G2 Crowd, and successfully democratized the design and creation of experiential content that converts. That’s no small number of achievements – driven by a single motivation.

Setka was born from our innate desire to focus on quality content design that didn’t suck up important developer resources, whilst also focusing on the experience it delivers and optimizing it for engagement, SEO and views. 

Our no-code tools have made it easy for anyone to design and build incredible content that delivers results. Those same tools are centered on web best practices and they facilitate API-first integrations with almost any CMS (be it hybrid, headless or custom-built).

Infographic showing digitization of businesses twice as high in 2020 and 65% of platforms will be no-code by 2024


In merging with Tiny, the next step in content creation is the fusion of rich text editing and authoring, with conversion-driven content design. That’s the new horizon which has just opened, for our customers and partners.

“The merger of Tiny Technologies and brings
together the best of rich text editing and no code designing to create 
a truly unique set of design tools that scale across all businesses, needs and users.”

Andrew Roberts, CEO & Co-founder, Tiny Technologies & Kate Bazilevskaya, CEO and Co-founder,

Our backstory

Before starting Setka in 2006, I was the co-founder of a digital publishing company that produced branded content for over 900 brands. The content we produced, criss-crossed 5 countries and garnered over 11 million unique visitors per month. 

At the time, our approach was unique. We produced, published and optimized a huge volume of amazing content for our clients. But, the high production outcomes we were renowned for, came at a cost – significant development and production costs. We struggled with the design tools available on the market – they didn’t achieve our goals – nor were they optimized for SEO, or built in a way that a developer could trust the code produced. 

So the very same pain that all content creators were experiencing, inspired us to custom-build a solution. The business exploded. With the ensuing acclaim came thousands of companies – from big brands to small bloggers – that wanted access to a tool that helped them do the same thing with their content. What did they want? Beautiful content, that converted.

The Setka Editor produces beautiful content that puts the ‘reader’s experience’ at the forefront and on the backend, it equally reflects beautiful code. Engineers needn’t worry about the code not working, or having to recode things themselves (although they can if they want), instead they can confidently redirect their attention to work on higher-value dev projects.

Setka’s anchoring purpose is to help brands design effective and beautiful content, at scale. Its tools are built to give anyone (coders and non-coders) the power to customize, test, explore, and innovate the design of every content piece produced, in the fastest way possible. That purpose remains unchanged.

Setka’s approach

We’ve always believed that visual storytelling is more powerful than storytelling alone, and the combination of quality editorial design and text makes for a first-class audience experience. But creating effective content experiences that convert, goes so far beyond just beautiful layouts.

Instead, Setka believes that disruptive content experiences carry four attributes:

1. At the core, it's about great content 

Design can only go so far, to mask bad content. That’s why quality content is about having an important mission or valuable message to share, or a great story to tell. It’s about getting talented writers, photographers, designers and other creators to build the base of your content pieces, and to understand the purpose of each piece instead of cranking out meaningless content. It’s about doing less, that’s better.

2. Empathize with and respect your readers

Yes, you need to understand the kind of content your readers want – but you also need to understand how they want to read it. Studies show you have less than one second to grab a reader’s attention and they rarely read everything on the page. By understanding those foundational principles, you can design your content to help a reader get the most out of the time they spend with your content.

Infographic showing large amount of content mean lower quality and less return on investment

3. Build cross-team collaborative processes

Creating great content involves a lot of different players: writers, marketers, designers, and engineers. Historically, they’ve been very siloed, but the best content is made when processes are collaborative and everyone’s empowered to contribute along the way. In a 2020 study by Adobe and Econsultancy, more than 17,000 marketers were surveyed and they learned that 35% of CX leaders have a multidisciplinary team focused on the customer journey. 

Setka is built to encourage that same style of cross-team collaboration – producing stunning content that’s been engineered to deliver faster page loads and higher conversion rates. 

4. Champion and deliver partner integrations 

Partnerships often inspire greater innovation and that's never truer than with Setka. Native to WordPress, Drupal, Magento, Ghost, Sharepoint and Hubspot, we provide seamless custom integrations with any CMS or eCommerce platform, and the ability to connect multiple other platforms and tools. Setka is definitely not a tool to use in isolation – it’s been built to compliment the process, not detract or add friction.

Infographic of testimonials from Google

The democratization of engaging content experiences

So, what can our now joint customers, partners and developers look forward to from here? Products that help content creators, designers, writers, editors, engineers and developers work more effectively, on their own and collaboratively. 

Our mission at Tiny is to empower content creators and we believe (even in this world of constantly evolving technologies) that reading and writing is still one of the most powerful ways to communicate ideas. 

But we also understand that eye-tracking studies and other research have proven that readers are overwhelmed by the volume of content, so skimming frequently overrides reading. What’s the answer?

Tiny’s tools and products aim to wholly engage readers through their eyes, heads and hearts – so they’re inspired to read, retain and react… as you’d want them to.

Learn more about Setka Editor or try it for free.

SetkaCEO Thinking
byKate Bazilevskaya

Director of Business Development and Partnerships at Tiny Technologies and content experience nerd with UXC certification and more than 15 years experience in branded content. Deeply passionate about content and its ability to educate, inspire, create shared meaning, and empower communities.

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