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4 Ways Adobe Commerce blogs tell your ecommerce story (and make it look great)

Originally published on between 2017-2021 and migrated during 2021/22. Some details may have changed since the original version was published.

Setka integrates with several blog extensions on Adobe Commerce (previously Magento), helping you take your ecommerce blog design to the next level.

Ecommerce brands have so many amazing opportunities to tap into the power of content marketing. They can show off their products, tell their stories, and build relationships with customers. But if you haven’t yet tapped into this marketing goldmine, we understand – it can be overwhelming to find the right tools to use, make it look beautiful, and know what you should even be writing about.

Luckily for ecommerce companies using Magento, there are a slew of extensions to help you launch your blog. And, we’ve just made things easier by launching Setka integrations with several of the most popular blog extensions on Adobe Commerce (previously Magento), including:

Setka integrates with 5 of the most popular blog extensions on Adobe Commerce (previously Magento)

Blog by Aheadworks


Being a Premier Magento Extension Builder and an official Magento Enterprise Developer, Aheadworks is a go-to provider of products for Adobe Commerce (previously Magento), offering a full range of solutions for ecommerce projects.

Magento 2 Blog Extension


Magefan is a development team, gathered together in October 2015 shortly before Magento 2 release. We’ve all been waiting for Magento 2 and this is it. Now we can surprise you with our solutions.

Blog by Magezon


Magezon guarantees to provide you with extensions of fast, efficient and safe code as well as enthusiastic support. All you need to do is deal with waiting orders from customers.

Blog Pro by Amasty


For 11+ years, Amasty has been solving 100 000+ of ecommerce clients’ challenges by developing high-quality Adobe Commerce (previously Magento) extensions.

These extensions give you all the basic structures for starting a blog – like backend post building, content management, and content search functionalities for users, etc – and then Setka adds an additional layer of design finesse, allowing you to:


CREATE UNIQUE LAYOUTS using UX best practices

ADD ADVANCED DESIGN FEATURES, like animations and responsive layouts that look great on any device

TAKE ADVANTAGE OF MICRO-TEMPLATES (called components) to add little bits of content that go so far beyond the norm

We’ve come up with a few examples of what ecommerce blog content could look like using Setka’s integration with Adobe Commerce (previously Magento) blog extensions. Read on for a little inspiration, and then scroll to the bottom to learn how to get started creating your own content today.

Share your history and accomplishments with a data highlight

Try creating a component like this with the Magefan Extension and Setka

Explore Awersome Blog

Share product details with a listing

Try creating a component like this with the Aheadworks Extension and Setka

Explore Blog Extension

Create a mood board with photo collages

Try creating a component like this with the Magezon Extension and Setka

Explore Blog Extension

Share your story or background with a profile

Try creating a component like this with the Amasty Extension and Setka

Explore Blog Pro

These are just a few ideas for how Setka can pair with different extensions to help you tell your story and take your design to new heights. You can access all these capabilities and more when you use any of the blog extensions we linked to above.

Learn more about what’s possible with our full list of features plus some more ideas for how to creatively use components.

Give Setka a try

Get a demo from our Customer Success team or try Setka for 14 days, free.

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