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Frontend Nation 2024: Exploring DevRel, Full Stack, and AI-Powered Apps

July 3rd, 2024

3 min read

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Written by

Mrina Sugosh


Developer Insights

This year’s Frontend Nation conference was held from June 4th through 7th and showcased an impressive array of technical sessions and discussions, establishing itself as a must-attend event for front-end and full-stack developers globally. As Diamond sponsors, TinyMCE was thrilled to contribute deeply to the dialogue, providing technical insights and demonstrating powerful integrations. Hosted online and completely for FREE, the frontend conference bridged the continuity between its predecessors like Vue.js Nation and Vue.js Forge, enhancing the learning landscape for developers everywhere. 

TinyMCE’s Highlights at Frontend Nation

Building a Better LMS, One Tiny Block at a Time.

The frontend conference kicked off June 4th with Brad Lawless’s talk titled "Building a Better LMS, One Tiny Block at a Time." In this talk, Brad discussed how TinyMCE’s modular solution can streamline the development process, enabling quick integration of both basic and advanced features. Brad also showcased how using TinyMCE plugins can enhance security, accessibility, and even incorporate AI-powered solutions like the AI Assistant, making web apps from LMS to CMS to SaaS more robust and user-friendly. If you missed it check out the recording here:

DevRel Panel: A Technical Perspective of Developer Relations

A key highlight was the "Life as a DevRev" panel on June 6th, where our own Mrina Sugosh, alongside other industry experts, peeled back the layers on the technical and strategic aspects of Developer Relations. The panel provided a deep dive into how DevRel professionals play a pivotal role in tech advocacy and developer community engagement, discussing tools and strategies for effective technical communication and community building as well as offering information for those curious as to what a career in DevRel could look like. Here’s a recording of the panel:

Forge Day Exercise: Building a TinyMCE LMS Editor with React and OpenAI Integration.

Continuing the momentum, Forge Day featured a highly interactive workshop led by Mrina Sugosh on June 7th. Over __ developers engaged in a hands-on live coding session, implementing a TinyMCE editor within a React application, then adding plugins and templates to enhance the editor’s capabilities, and finally integrating it with OpenAI to enhance content generation. This session highlighted the integration of AI technologies with TinyMCE, providing practical experience in enhancing web applications with intelligent content solutions. Here’s a recording of the workshop:

What’s next?

Exclusive Interviews and Insights from Frontend Nation

In addition to our sessions, we had the opportunity to interview several key figures at Frontend Nation, including Jenn Junod, the MC at the frontend conference and Developer Advocate at Aiven, Daniel Kelly, a curriculum developer at Vue School, and Wayne Sutton, Head of Community at Convex. 

These conversations offered insights into the latest trends and challenges in front-end development, community building and curriculum development. Keep an eye on Tiny's blog for the videos of these interviews!

Upcoming Webinar: Setting Up an Advanced TinyMCE LMS Editor with React and Gen AI APIs

If you missed out on our Frontend Nation workshop, we have another opportunity for you to learn about TinyMCE in LMS solutions. Scheduled for July 10th at 5 PM CEST / 11 AM EST, Mrina Sugosh will host a three-hour session that will be recorded and will guide developers through the process of integrating TinyMCE with React. During the webinar we’ll be configuring both free and advanced plugins like Document Converters with a workshop exclusive API Key, and connecting the editor to multiple AI platforms including OpenAI, Azure AI, AWS Bedrock, and Gemini. 

Workshop Focus:

  • Integrating TinyMCE with React for a dynamic editing experience.
  • Setting up and customizing TinyMCE with extensive hands-on assignments.
  • Configuring and utilizing AI integrations to enhance content management capabilities.

Register today!

Frontend Nation 2024 was an enriching technical experience, filled with advanced learning, interviews, and networking opportunities. We are thankful to all the developers and tech enthusiasts who joined us, and we look forward to deepening these technical discussions in our upcoming webinar.

Want to talk with us?

If you’ve got questions about how TinyMCE can supercharge your web application, or anything else to do with rich text editing, contact us anytime. You can also find us on these channels:

byMrina Sugosh

Mrina Sugosh is currently the Developer Relations Manager for TinyMCE - one of the industry's leading WYSIWYG rich text editors. She has over five years of professional work experience in full-stack development, cloud computing, AI, software development and product evangelism. A passionate educator of developers, Mrina actively contributes to the industry as an advisory board member for DevNetwork, regularly speaks at industry-leading conferences and engages in developer education during her spare time. She earned her bachelor's degree in Computer Science from University of California Berkeley and is currently pursuing a master’s degree in Management at University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign.

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