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TinyMCE 4 support window

October 8th, 2019

1 min read

TinyMCE 4 Support Window

Written by

Andrew Roberts


World of WYSIWYG

Today we are announcing the end of support for TinyMCE version 4.x. It will be officially supported through to December 31, 2020.

This change will enable us to focus our efforts on the roadmap for TinyMCE version 5 and beyond.

Until December 31, 2020, we will continue to accept bug reports and work on fixes for customers using TinyMCE 4.9.

It is important to note that TinyMCE core is available under an open source license and source code can be found on GitHub. Anyone in the community is welcome to fork the TinyMCE core and continue to maintain it. However, starting in January 2021 we intend to close issues related to version 4.x in the official GitHub repository, and pull requests for version 4.x will no longer be reviewed by the core team.

Next steps

Learn about TinyMCE 5 on the TinyMCE 5 features page or the TinyMCE 5 product launch blog post.

Try TinyMCE 5 by downloading the self-hosted version or try it via the Tiny Cloud CDN.

Migrate your existing configuration to TinyMCE 5 using the migration guide.

Still have questions?

Commercial customers using premium features or with a support plan, please create a support ticket or contact your customer success manager with any questions.

Community users can raise questions on GitHub.

byAndrew Roberts

Co-founder and CEO of Tiny, the company behind TinyMCE and other great content creation products and services.

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