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Resolving comments

Qiran Gabrielle-Grace

June 22nd, 2021

2 min read

Written by

Qiran Gabrielle-Grace


World of WYSIWYG

Don’t you just love it when people respond? You feel that you’re being acknowledged and it makes you feel involved. That’s exactly why, in TinyMCE’s 5.8 release, our developers added the ability to ‘resolve’ items in the Comments feature

So what’s so special about that? I’m glad you asked. Keep reading and we’ll clarify the exact difference between resolving vs deleting comments, and how this seemingly little thing empowers team collaboration. 

Resolving vs deleting 

Resolving vs deleting comments is a bit like spring cleaning. Some items you want to store away to use again later, but then others are ready to be tossed out. When you’re resolving a comment, it’s tucked out of sight, but still available for other users to access at their leisure. 

On the other hand, deleting a comment means throwing away the conversation. Now that’s not a good or bad thing –it just means you can’t retrieve the information, – and it declutters discussion threads.   

Resolving comments means better team collaboration

If collaboration is an essential element of your platform, then you want to ensure you’re taking advantage of every opportunity to facilitate team productivity. Marking a comment as ‘resolved’ grants users the ability to stay on top of tasks in a multi-user environment. It also adds an additional layer of intuitiveness and informational transparency that's often seen in high-performing collaborative editing platforms such as Google Docs and MS Word.    

Using the resolve function

So when exactly should you resolve (or delete) an item? There’s no right or wrong answer but there's definitely a ‘safe’ option. Anytime you delete a comment, you run the risk of removing important information. However, if you always resolve a comment first, you’ll always have the option of retrieving it. For that reason, the best option is to always resolve an item and if need be, delete it later.   

Is it easy to configure? 

TinyMCE is a developer-focused WYSIWYG editor, so yes it is! Resolving comments can be configured using the tinycomments_resolve or tinycomments_can_resolve settings. Check out our ‘Resolve conversation’ documentation for a detailed guide on how to configure these settings. 

Get TinyMCE’s Comments

Our Comments plugin is part of our premium collaboration suite and is available on a custom subscription. If you’re curious about exploring Comments or wondering how you can elevate collaboration on your platform, have a chat with our Tiny Experts today!

byQiran Gabrielle-Grace

Helping get the word out about all the great things Tiny has to offer. Loving the WFH life because he can play loud music and dance, while still calling it work.

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