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Convenience is key: PowerPaste, Google Docs & Word

June 3rd, 2021

3 min read

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Written by

Qiran Gabrielle-Grace


World of WYSIWYG

Our latest update TinyMCE 5.8 is available now, bringing new and exciting updates to our PowerPaste feature!

PowerPaste is one of our most popular features and I think it’s really important to reflect on why we consistently use certain content creation components. Whether that be convenience, cost or enhanced productivity, evaluating why you use a specific platform will help you realize what you value most in your product or business operations. 

In today’s article, I want to take you through my little journey to becoming a Google Docs user and how that journey draws parallels to the many TinyMCE users choosing to incorporate PowerPaste.

The journey to Google Docs  

For most of my life, I’ve been using Microsoft Word and I couldn’t imagine using anything else. Even when migrating to MacOs I still consciously set aside time to install Word (sorry Pages). It’s easy to use, integrates well with PowerPoint and Excel and is very familiar.   

But something interesting happened. The pandemic hit and my usual circumstances were uprooted. I found myself working from several different devices and never quite sure which location I would be working in. So I began using Google Drive to save my Word files onto the cloud. And while this was a lifesaver, it was frustrating constantly having to update my Drive with the latest file version every time I logged off. 

That’s when I discovered Google Docs. 

It looked like Word, it typed like Word, but it didn’t save like Word. Actually, for my circumstances, it saved better than Word. All the changes I made to my documents were automatically saved to Google Drive and I was relieved from the constant worrying, “was I was using the latest file version?” On top of this, the work I was doing was becoming more and more collaborative. This was putting pressure on me and my team to work on the same documents. And how lucky was I to discover Google Docs supports simple real-time collaboration, team comments and edit suggestions?

Slowly but surely Google Docs became my immediate choice of text processor.   

Google Docs, Word and integration with PowerPaste 

The key reason why I kept on coming back to Google Docs was for convenience. And that’s exactly why PowerPaste is one of our most popular features. TinyMCE customers choose PowerPaste to enable faster workflows for end-users and save countless hours for their developers - everyone wins! 

With PowerPaste 5.5.0, life gets a whole lot more convenient and productive. Copying and pasting content from Google Docs and Microsoft Word is now officially supported. The new powerpaste_googledocs_import option gives developers the control they need to allow clean copy-paste.

As an avid Google Docs user myself, I’m glad that we can now say goodbye to the frustration, costs and time involved with transferring content from external documents. PowerPaste keeps the original formatting intact without breaking the underlying HTML code. And if you’re currently in the business of content creation - then no doubt easy-to-use software and faster workflows are what you value in your decision-making, which is exactly why PowerPaste should be on your radar.

How do I get PowerPaste?

You can actually try PowerPaste when you sign up for a free API key or if you’re looking to find out more information - then check out PowerPaste on our website for some demos and videos. Our Tiny Experts are also always happy to chat if you have any questions about using TinyMCE in your online applications.

byQiran Gabrielle-Grace

Helping get the word out about all the great things Tiny has to offer. Loving the WFH life because he can play loud music and dance, while still calling it work.

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