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Fairfax, VA, United States of America
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About CVP

For nearly 20 years, CVP has focused on providing strategic consulting, implementation, and insights to drive enhanced mission outcomes in healthcare and citizen services. Anirudh Kulkarni founded CVP in 2003 to transform the way our clients delivered services to their customers. We prided ourselves on being “blue-collar consultants”—bringing deep subject expertise and rolling up our sleeves alongside our clients to drive sustainable operations and organizational maturity. This ideal is reflected in our name—Customer Value Partners—and to this day we strive to be trusted partners, helping our clients build their own intimate customer and stakeholder relationships. From these humble beginnings—where we bested two Big 6 consulting firms to win our first engagement with a leading media firm—CVP grew rapidly as a C-suite management and strategy consultant to Fortune 500 firms in media and telecom industries. As part of a strategic review in the early 2010s, CVP saw an opportunity to provide similar citizen-centric and transformative solutions to the federal and state government markets focused primarily on healthcare, citizen services, and information security with the aspirational goal of a more healthy, equitable, secure, and just experience for citizens and their government. Pivoting to being a pure-play public sector consultant, CVP developed a broad suite of capabilities in the Business Transformation, Digital Experience, Digital Transformation, Data Science, and Cybersecurity fields to enhance the broad value delivered to our clients. We invested in innovation, assessing emerging technologies and developing solutions that leverage leading-edge capabilities like Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning for deep data insights, Virtual and Augmented Reality for higher efficacy and retention in learning and diffusion, and Drone and image recognition capabilities for more comprehensive surveillance programs.