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Tiugo Technologies Brand, Tiny Technologies, Unveils Significant Upgrades with TinyMCE 7

Tiugo Technologies Brand, Tiny Technologies, Unveils Significant Upgrades with TinyMCE 7
March 20, 2024
For Immediate Release

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Lilly Carrion

Palmer Public Inc.

lilly@palmerpublic.com(954) 600-8860

7.0 release brings new, cutting-edge features, including revision history, document converters and markdown support, designed to elevate user experience and productivity.

Boston, Mass. – [March 20, 2024] – Tiny Technologies, creator of the feature-filled and business-ready rich text editor utilized by millions of developers that is part of the Tiugo Technologies portfolio, announces the launch of its latest update, TinyMCE 7. Packed with new features essential to content producers and managers in the modern workplace, the 7.0 release simplifies content sharing and improves asynchronous collaboration.

“At TinyMCE, we understand the challenges faced by developers and remote teams working across the globe. With this latest update, we’re not just providing tools; we’re enabling seamless collaboration and productivity regardless of geographic and physical barriers,” said Fredrik Danielsson, Principal Product Manager at TinyMCE. “Now, users can effortlessly compare versions, ensure document compatibility and streamline communication, allowing them to work together harmoniously and achieve remarkable results.”

Tiny Technologies introduces key features that will transform the way users interact with the trusted rich text editor:

  • Revision History: Empowers users to easily review and revert to previous versions of their documents, increasing audit compliance and collaboration.

  • Document Converters: Save time and make content distribution easier with three new document conversion features. Import content into TinyMCE directly from Microsoft Word, eliminating the need for arduous copy/paste routines, and export content to Microsoft Word or high-quality PDFs for archiving and sharing.

  • Markdown Support: Simplify tech stacks with the ability to paste markdown-formatted content into TinyMCE for instant conversion to properly formatted rich text. Write inline using basic markdown formatting conversions, and output content from the editor into markdown via TinyMCE’s API.

  • Accessibility: Enjoy improved inclusivity with custom tooltips, enhanced accessibility in the advanced code editor plugin and clearer focus highlights.

“As a launchpad for market-leading developer tools dedicated to fostering innovation and growth, we’re excited to see Tiny release its latest update and are proud to support this team as they continue to pioneer solutions that revolutionize work,” said Scott Heimes, chief revenue officer at Tiugo Technologies. “With this latest release, Tiny is prioritizing inclusivity and ensuring that all users, regardless of their accessibility needs, can seamlessly navigate with the editor using just the keyboard.”

TinyMCE 7 is now available to open-source users on Github or for commercial use at Tiny.cloud. To learn more about these features and how they can benefit the most critical projects, visit this link. For more information on Tiny Technologies, visit Tiny.cloud. To learn more about Tiugo Technologies, visit tiugotech.com.

About Tiny Technologies

Tiny Technologies is the creator of TinyMCE, a trusted WYSIWYG component that enables rich text editing capabilities within an application. Scalable, adaptable and reusable, it powers 100M+ projects worldwide and more than 1.5M+ developers use it to add velocity to their tech stacks, so they can build and ship their projects faster. It’s helped SaaS companies, large enterprises, content creators and publishers to launch, grow and scale their businesses, reduce their development and technical debt burdens, minimize ongoing support tickets and boost the productivity of their users. To learn more about Tiny Technologies, visit Tiny.cloud.

About Tiugo Technologies

Tiugo Technologies is a launchpad for new developer platforms, helping software companies accelerate growth, increase operating efficiency and scale their business. As an affiliate of PSG, Tiugo aims to assemble a portfolio of API-first, market-leading developer platforms focused on content creation and digital collaboration. Bringing together top class content experiences with an objective to succeed in the competitive developer platform market, Tiugo’s collection of companies offer holistic, differentiated solutions that create more value together than they can alone. Tiugo’s current family of brands include ButterCMS, Tiny Technologies, CKSource and Uploadcare. To learn more about Tiugo, visit tiugotech.com.

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