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CKEditor, a Tiugo Technologies Brand, Introduces Innovative AI Assistant for Enhanced Collaboration Productivity

CKEditor, a Tiugo Technologies Brand, Introduces Innovative AI Assistant for Enhanced Collaboration Productivity
Nov 7, 2023
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Lilly Carrion

Palmer Public Inc.

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The new feature is set to revolutionize the way users collaborate, edit and create content, further cementing CKEditor’s reputation as a pioneer in the rich text editing industry.

Boston, Mass. – [Nov 7, 2023] – CKEditor, a leading provider of collaborative rich text editing solutions, announced the launch of its groundbreaking AI Assistant, making it Tiugo Technologies' latest brand to integrate cutting-edge, artificial intelligence technology. The CKEditor AI Assistant is designed to streamline content creation, editing and collaboration processes.

“Bringing the CKEditor AI Assistant to life is a testament to our unwavering commitment to empowering users with cutting-edge technology that has an outstanding user experience” said Wiktor Walc, chief technology officer of Tiugo Technologies. “With this new feature, we’re not just enhancing their rich text editing capabilities with AI; we’re revolutionizing the way people communicate, collaborate and create content. It’s an exciting step forward in our journey to make content creation easier and further enhances team productivity.”

AI Assistant key features include:

  • Simultaneous collaboration: Its most revolutionary aspect is its ability to enable real-time, simultaneous collaboration on content. Teams can write, rephrase, translate and summarize content all within the editor, without the need to switch between multiple tools or platforms.

  • Seamless integration of AI: The AI Assistant seamlessly integrates AI directly into the text editor, empowering developers to harness AI capabilities without the need for complex, separate implementations.

  • Customizable behavior and interface: Developers can tailor the AI’s behavior to fit the unique needs of their applications, allowing for a wide range of features from basic grammar and spell checks to advanced natural language processing and content generation.

“CKEditor’s AI Assistant further cements Tiugo Technologies’ dedication to pushing the boundary of what is possible in the realm of rich text editing technology,” said Scott Heimes, chief revenue officer of Tiugo Technologies. “As we continue to evolve, our mission remains clear: to provide users with tools that empower their creativity, collaboration and productivity.

CKEditor invites both current and prospective users to experience the AI Assistant and explore its benefits with a 30-day free trial here. The AI Assistant is a Commercial (paid) plugin that can be added to users’ current CKEditor Commercial License and installation. For more information about the industry-leading feature and CKEditor's rich text editor framework, please visit ckeditor.com/ai-assistant/. For more information on CKEditor, visit ckeditor.com. To learn more about CKEditor’s flagship product, visit ckeditor.com/ckeditor-5/.

“We’re thrilled to serve as a catalyst for CKEditor and TinyMCE to join forces for the State of Collaborative Rich Text Editing Report,” said Scott Heimes, Chief Revenue Officer of Tiugo Technologies. “The combined expertise of CKEditor and TinyMCE has enabled us to provide valuable insights that will shape the next era of collaborative content creation.”

About Tiugo Technologies

Tiugo Technologies is a launchpad for new developer platforms, helping software companies accelerate growth, increase operating efficiency and scale their business. As an affiliate of PSG, one of the country’s top technology investment firms, Tiugo is assembling a portfolio of API-first, market-leading developer platforms focused on content creation and digital collaboration. Bringing together world-class content experiences with an objective to succeed in the competitive developer platform market, Tiugo’s collection of companies offer holistic, differentiated solutions that create more value together than they can alone. Tiugo’s current family of brands include ButterCMS, TINY Technologies and CKSource. To learn more about Tiugo, visit www.tiugotech.com

About CKSource

CKSource is the creator of CKEditor, the leading enterprise-grade WYSIWYG framework that provides complete customization and control for development teams. Build almost anything imaginable using its 1000+ APIs, modern composable architecture, and ultra-modern features that are purpose-built for collaboration. Starting as an Open Source project in 2003, its flagship product, CKEditor5, is used by millions around the globe. To learn more about CKSource, visit cksource.com

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