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Plupload Commercial License and OEM License/Support

If the AGPLv3 License does not work for you, there is an option to purchase a commercial license. Revenues from license sales will convert into time for our developers to work on Plupload. Please note that there isn't any support included in this license agreement, if you are interested in that you can contact our sales support directly.

Important notice

The Silverlight component uses the following library licenses.

  • FJCore (MIT License) that includes:
    1. The Independent JPEG Group's JPEG software (IJG.txt) and
    2. Java Advanced Imaging IO by Sun Microsystems (JAI.txt)
  • PngEncoder (LGPLv2.1)
  • ZipLib

If you have problems with any of these licenses (should not be a problem) you can simply remove the Silverlight functionality.

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