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case study

How Tiny helped Sighten increase proposal creation by 71%

Mariya Nomanbhoy

COO, Sighten

Offering customizable templates with Tiny has helped us grow and helps our customers differentiate themselves in the market. Thanks to Tiny, our customers have been able to take control of their own marketing and branding.


Founded in 2013, Sighten provides a sales software platform that offers solutions for solar installers, channel managers, and financiers. Sighten helps with the entire sales workflow, from initial lead through to install. Their software also gives clients the ability to create customizable proposals to present to homeowners.

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Sales Software


USA (Global)

Key Results

Switching to TinyMCE gave Sighten


more proposals created year-over-year

Custom proposals at a fraction of the previous price


decrease cost per customisation

Flexibility and more features

Saved months of developer time

Proposal customization no longer requires coding or developer time

The challenges

HTML templates that were expensive and time-consuming to customize

KEY CHALLENGES for Sighten (before TinyMCE)

Existing HTML templates were expensive and time-consuming to customize

Needed ability to customize and brand each client's proposals

Insufficient in-house developer expertise and resources

Desire to move customization away from developers to non-technical staff

Mariya Nomanbhoy is the COO of Sighten, a company that helps sales professionals create proposals for solar installation. Using custom and dynamic data from Sighten’s system, their clients can send sales prospects customized proposals that fit their individual needs.

At first, Sighten offered a few different HTML versions of proposal templates for their clients to use. But these were expensive to produce and difficult to edit. As their client base grew, they started getting more requests for differentiated proposals. This is because as Sighten’s clients began competing with each other, prospects were noticing the similarities among the proposals. So, their clients wanted to add their own branding and information.

Sighten could offer some customized HTML templates to their biggest clients, but the cost of producing each one was around $3,000 and they had to be coded by developers, which took up a lot of their time. In order for Sighten to grow, they needed customizable templates that were easy to edit and cost-effective to create.

As our customer base was growing we needed to have more differentiated proposals, because our customers started competing against each other in the market and homeowners were seeing the exact same types of proposals. So our customers wanted to be able to differentiate themselves more.

The solution

Easy-to-customize proposal templates


Customizable templates:

The ability to create customize proposals based on easy-to-edit templates

Mariya knew Sighten needed to offer their clients a way to customize proposals easily to match their individual branding.

She had worked with Tiny previously and knew the company offered easily customizable rich text editing software with a broad set of capabilities, straightforward integration, and reliable customer support. When she compared different options for Sighten, she quickly confirmed that Tiny’s product TinyMCE was more flexible than other text editors. “We did look into a bunch of different options, and we could see that Tiny was putting out more new features than the others,” Mariya says. “It just had a much broader set of capabilities.”

By taking Sighten’s technology and integrating it with all of TinyMCE’s features, she could now offer Sighten’s clients an unlimited range of proposal options.

Each client starts with a custom proposal template and can modify it, or even make an entirely new personalized template and import dynamic data from Sighten’s system to create a beautiful, unique proposal for homeowners.

One thing that has been great for us is the ability to insert data metrics. That was a big reason why we chose TinyMCE. These proposals are specific to each individual sales prospect, and they have a lot of dynamic data in terms of pricing and savings – all the different numbers that go into them. Having the ability to add and remove these dynamic fields has been key for us.

The result

71% more proposals created year-over-year

 71% more proposals created using their platform year-over-year

 10x decrease cost per customisation from $3,000 to $300

In just one year since implementing TinyMCE, Sighten has seen the number of proposals created using their software increase by over 71%. Offering their clients the ability to create custom proposals was one of the biggest factors in that growth.

And thanks to Tiny and TinyMCE, Sighten can also offer to create custom proposals for their clients in-house at a fraction of the previous price. By shifting the task entirely to non-developers – since customization no longer requires coding – the cost of creating a custom proposal has decreased by 90%, allowing them to scale.

Mariya says the time they now save is even more valuable, because Sighten’s developers can focus on improving the company’s software and creating an even better tool for their clients. “It’s always helpful to have that development time back,” Mariya adds. “The cost reduction is great, but having the time and opportunity to focus on aspects of the application where customers want to see changes is even better.”

It really comes down to flexibility. There are a lot of different features within TinyMCE, and our clients are able to completely customize what they need within the tool. It allows them to take much more control, and that is really what we needed.

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