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case study

How Project.co created one of the industry's most user-friendly project management tools with TinyMCE

Matt Byrom

Managing Director, Project.co

The communication ability of Project.co has been dramatically improved after integrating TinyMCE.


Project.co creates project management software that helps companies around the world track their projects, manage their files, and collaborate on a single convenient platform. Over 1,500 companies have started using Project.co’s tool since they launched it in 2019.

All names, titles and results were correct when originally published.


Project Management Software


UK (Global)

Key Results

Switching to TinyMCE gave Project.co

Improved functionality

Easy-to-use communication toolset

Greater collaboration

Simple, fast integration

Elegant design

Strong feature set

The challenges

Taking their project managment software to the next level

KEY CHALLENGES for Project.co (before TinyMCE)

Text editor with only basic plain text options

No text formatting available

No checklist capability

Poor maintenance capability

Project.co’s clients loved their tool so much that Matt and his team decided to rebuild it and launch it into the market, so that other companies could have the same success. From there, Project.co was born.

But to take their internal software and make it useful for all different kinds of companies, they needed to add new functionalities. Until then, Project.co’s dashboard had basic text options, and users could only write their notes and post them without formatting.

To give their clients the best possible product, they needed to integrate a rich text editor that would be regularly maintained, updated, and available for the long haul.

Before adding TinyMCE, we just had a simple text area where people would just write their copy and post the comment.

We realized that being able to put bullet pointed lists and formatting text would be really useful for people. We wanted to take what we had to the next level.

The solution

Integrating a sophisticated rich text editor with checklists and formatting options


An enterprise-grade rich text editing tool with:

  • Better formatting and checklist options
  • Deployment in 6 lines of code
  • Responsive and built to scale
  • Full customization
  • Dedicated Customer Success Team support

Matt knew that he needed a sophisticated text editor from a mature company. His team wanted a product that was easy to integrate and had good usability, elegant design, and a strong feature set.

Many different companies came up, but it was clear to Project.co that Tiny was the market leader and had a proven track record. They liked Tiny’s design, and how easy it was to use.

But most importantly, Tiny offered functionality that many rich text editors didn’t. Matt and his team especially loved the ability to make checklists, which was vital for a project management tool.

With Tiny’s support and documentation, Matt’s team seamlessly integrated the rich text editor into Project.co’s product. Within a few hours of integration, Matt’s clients could format their data in different ways, create checklists for their projects, and enjoy a better, more flexible user experience.

Once TinyMCE was live inside Project.co, users were quick to share their excitement about the new features — especially their ability to create tables and embed images into their content.

This was exactly one of those upgrades that made our tool more usable. The bigger the feature set people have at their disposal, the more they will use the tool, and the more useful it will be for them.

That’s exactly what we’re looking to do with every feature upgrade that we implement, and that’s what Tiny helped us do here.

The result

Dramatically improved communication ability

 Bullet lists and text formatting

 Easy integration and usability

 Elegant design and strong feature set

 An editor that’s regularly maintained and updated

By adding rich text editing, Project.co gave their clients the level of functionality and flexibility they expect from their project management software, which has allowed the company to grow.

Only a year after launching their product on the market, over 1,500 companies now use Project.co to manage their projects. Matt’s clients can format their text, create checklists, and choose how they want to present their data on the platform. Most importantly, rich text editing allows Project.co’s clients to have more control over their communication on the platform, making it easier than ever to talk to their team and keep their projects on track.

TinyMCE works the way it’s supposed to every time, which is I think the most important thing. It's always good to know that you're using the best available tools.

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Used in 100M+ apps.

No matter the project, TinyMCE editor works best