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case study

How Morning Brew saved its writers dozens of wasted hours per week with Tiny

Tyler Denk

Senior Product Lead, Morning Brew

TinyMCE has significantly increased the efficiency of our business, as our writers can now use their time more effectively. The editor was very flexible and met our exact use case. I have yet to run into an issue with Tiny, and that says a lot because I complain about most software I use.


Morning Brew is transforming the way young professionals stay up to date on Silicon Valley and Wall Street by curating the day’s biggest headlines into witty, entertaining newsletters. With a growing number of newsletters targeting specific industries like retail and emerging tech, Morning Brew reaches well over a million readers daily.

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Key Results

Switching to TinyMCE saved Morning Brew

Effortless, efficient CMS

Millions of newsletters delivered per month

10 minutes to format instead of 2 hours

Hours saved for each writer, every week

Ability to scale seamlessly with more newsletters

Simple training to get up and running

The challenges

Wrestling with a painful formatting process

KEY CHALLENGES for Morning Brew (before TinyMCE)

No existing CMS

Using clumsy HTML templates

Limited time and resources

Existing templates prone to breaking

Writers spending 2hrs/day formatting newsletters

As Morning Brew’s Senior Product Lead, Tyler Denk has two missions: Help Morning Brew reach its ambitious growth targets and remove whatever obstacles stand between its writers and their ability to create engaging content.

But Morning Brew’s publishing process wasn’t just an obstacle – it was a nightmare. Being such a lean startup, Morning Brew didn’t have the time or the resources to build a proper CMS at first. Its writers were making do with clumsy HTML templates that were confusing to anyone without web design knowledge and prone to breaking entirely, making more work for Tyler. Writers were spending upwards of two hours a day just formatting their newsletters.

Tyler knew that if Morning Brew was going to continue to grow and launch more newsletters, its team of writers couldn’t rely on such an esoteric process. It was time for a change.

That formatting process was actually the worst thing in the entire world. It was extremely treacherous and tedious for our content team to use correctly and create newsletters without messing anything up.

The solution

The easy to implement, intuitive rich text editor


An intuitive, time-saving rich text editor:

  • Premium support
  • Beautiful UX
  • Comprehensive documentation
  • Flexible Plugins

Morning Brew’s founders put Tyler in charge of building a proprietary CMS for its content team. With plans to launch additional newsletters quickly becoming a reality, Tyler knew that his solution would have to feature an intuitive and reliable text editor that wouldn’t create more problems than it solved.

After extensive research and demo appointments, only one rich text editor stood out as the obvious choice: TinyMCE. Tyler was impressed by TinyMCE’s comprehensive documentation, customer support, and lively community of developers on Stack Overflow. If he ever had issues, Tyler felt confident that a solution would be just a few clicks away.

Because TinyMCE is so easy to implement, Tyler was able to quickly prototype and launch a new CMS that could meet his team’s needs. Within weeks of launching, Morning Brew finally had the tools it needed to grow its team and launch additional newsletters.

If I were to go with a different text editor and get stuck doing something, I felt like I would be on my own. With Tiny, I had the opposite feeling. There was a ton of documentation and a big community behind it, and it was all pretty easy and seamless to utilize. I knew I had everything I needed.

The result

An efficient CMS that saves hours every day

 Fast prototyping and launch of new CMS

 Two additional newsletters launched with time saved

 Ten mins/day spent formatting (not 2 hrs/day)

 Twenty minutes usage-training instead of hours

With TinyMCE, Morning Brew has a CMS that’s actually fun and easy to use, giving the content team the confidence it needed to bring in more writers and launch two additional newsletters.

Thanks to TinyMCE’s beautiful user experience, Morning Brew’s writers don’t have to wrestle with complicated and finicky HTML templates or spend hours formatting newsletters – ten minutes is all they need each day.

Morning Brew’s content team now uses that extra time to make their newsletters even better or assist the growth team in building their audience. Likewise, TinyMCE is so reliable that Tyler doesn’t have to worry about something breaking moments before hitting send. Most of all, he knows that Tiny’s customer support and its massive community of developers are there if he ever needs them.

We just hired a new writer and within a 20-minute training session, she felt completely fine using TinyMCE and the new CMS to create newsletters. That used to take hours. Everything across the board has been so extremely streamlined that we jokingly call it our Industrial Revolution.

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