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case study

How El Roboto saves clients thousands of dollars every month with Tiny

Paul Caisley

Founder and Digital Studio Director, El Roboto

The amount of money that our clients were spending on email marketing was ridiculous, but TinyMCE helped us build a more cost-effective solution. It just makes everything nice and easy for them – it's a massive difference. We wouldn't be able to work without it.


El Roboto is a one-stop graphic design firm with multiple studios in England specializing in a wide variety of professional design practices including visual brand identity, graphic and print design, and digital and web design.

The heart of El Roboto's web design service is a proprietary content management system that offers enterprise-level features like custom email marketing campaigns, a user database and CRM, and an in-browser file manager.

All names, titles and results were correct when originally published.


Graphic Design


UK (Global)

Key Results

Switching to TinyMCE gave El Roboto

A robust, easy to use CMS

Saved clients thousands of dollars every month


less support calls from clients

Met UI expectations of customers

Up to 1 million emails delivered per/mth, per client

The challenges

Building a custom CMS that does it all

KEY CHALLENGES for El Roboto (before TinyMCE)

Needed a flexible reliable email editor

High expectations of UI

Seamless, secure integration into existing platform

Familiar email editing experience

When Paul Caisley founded El Roboto in 2007, part of his vision included a cloud-hosted CMS that could simplify and consolidate every aspect of managing an online business. From email marketing campaigns to ecommerce, Paul wanted to develop a platform that could do it all.

However, building that service would be pointless if the user experience didn’t meet the high expectations of clients who were already familiar with Mailchimp and WordPress. To succeed, Paul needed a flexible rich text editor that could deliver a beautiful user experience on the front end, while still integrating seamlessly and securely into his platform.

These days people expect that they can copy and paste anything into a content editor and it’ll just work. They don’t want to think about what’s involved, and services like Mailchimp already have a very impressive interface.

The solution

The most trusted and versatile rich text editor


An enterprise grade rich text editor with:

  • Premium support
  • Commercial licensing
  • Beautiful UX
  • Flexible plugins

Initially, Paul experimented with different rich text editors but found integrating them time intensive. He also worried about the longevity of these options; would El Roboto spend valuable time implementing a third-party text editor only to have its developer go under years later?

That’s when Paul discovered TinyMCE, the popular rich text editor created by Tiny. TinyMCE’s years of active development and reputation for stable releases gave Paul the confidence that this was one solution that wasn’t going to leave him hanging.

Integrating the open-source version of TinyMCE was easy thanks to the intuitive documentation. It quickly gave El Roboto the edge it needed to convince their clients to buy in. And when Paul saw the value in TinyMCE’s premium plugins like MoxieManager, an in-browser file manager, Tiny worked with him to build a licensing deal that fit his budget.

TinyMCE’s flexible interface became the point of contact for core CMS modules including blogging, email marketing, file uploading, and everything in between. Finally, with a versatile and easy to use front end, Paul’s vision of a full-featured premium CMS was brought to life.

TinyMCE has become an integral part of our software thanks to the ease of integration, the functionality, and the confidence in Tiny as a company to continue developing it. Even the upgrade process has been really simple.

The result

A more cost-effective CMS than the competition

 Email marketing module saves clients thousands of dollars every month

 30% less support calls from clients

 Met UI expectations of customers

Up to 1 million emails delivered a month, per client

For over 10 years, TinyMCE has helped El Roboto offer a CMS as feature-rich and comprehensive as their design solutions. TinyMCE and premium plugins like MoxieManager have become vital parts of the El Roboto platform, especially in its email marketing and file transfer modules.

Using TinyMCE to quickly and easily design emails, El Roboto’s clients are each able to send upwards of 1 million emails a month to their users – saving those clients thousands of dollars compared to Mailchimp.

Thanks to Tiny’s active development and stable releases, Paul estimates El Roboto receives up to 30 percent less support calls, saving his team valuable time troubleshooting. And he never has to worry about the security of his clients’ sensitive data, due to fact that there have never been any unexpected surprises during all their years with Tiny.

With Tiny, El Roboto is able to fulfill Paul’s vision of a graphic design firm that can handle every aspect of running an online business. And, just as importantly, Paul knows he has a partner that will continue to meet his needs for years to come

Tiny has taken a lot of work off of my plate. They’ve made it easy to grow together, and TinyMCE is an integral part of our system that’s very friendly to all levels of our end users. It’s been 10 years, and we haven’t looked back since.

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