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case study

How Tiny helped contentbird save over six months of developer time

Bastian Bickelhaupt

CTO and Co-Founder, contentbird

We needed a 'What You See Is What You Get' editor. When we tried out different editors, it was quite clear from the beginning that TinyMCE was the best. It's an easy-to-use, ready-to-go editor with great support and good product development.


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Key Results

Switching to TinyMCE gave contentbird

A robust, easy to use WYSIWYG editor

6+ Months of developer time saved by integrating TinyMCE

Saved hundreds of thousands of dollars in development costs

Met UI expectations of customers

Solid documentation and versatile customizability

Ability to mold TinyMCE into a solution that perfectly fits contentbird’s needs

The challenges

Finding a customizable “what you see is what you get” text editor

KEY CHALLENGES for contentbird (before TinyMCE)

Insufficient in-house developer expertise and resources to build a custom rich text editor

Needed a high-quality WYSIWYG editor

High expectations of UI

Familiar editing experience

Functionality comparable to Word or Google Docs

As the CTO of contentbird, Bastian’s main priority is creating and maintaining a smooth technical product that performs well and keeps his customers happy. When he first launched contentbird with his co-founder, he knew they needed to include a “What You See Is What You Get” (or WYSIWYG) text editor that allowed users to see what their published content would look like as they worked. Plus, he knew users would expect functionality comparable to Word or Google Docs, which they were already familiar with.

Creating that kind of text editor in-house required developer time and resources that a small company like contentbird just didn’t have. Bastian knew that his best bet was to partner with an existing text editing software company that could provide an easy-to-integrate, high-quality WYSIWYG editor with plugins that would allow him to customize it to contentbird’s needs.

Building an editor is a really, really big effort. For us, it would have been a nightmare to develop such a powerful tool with so many functionalities by ourselves. And I think that's the worst thing you can do when there is such a good solution already out there.

The solution

A text editor with versatile plugins and hands-on customer service


A What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG) Rich Text Editor with:

  • Premium support
  • Commercial licensing
  • Beautiful UX
  • Flexible plugins

Bastian and his co-founder compared several WYSIWYG text editors, and it quickly became clear that TinyMCE offered the best functionality with the best look and feel.

Bastian particularly appreciates TinyMCE’s solid documentation and versatile customizability, which allows him to mold TinyMCE into a solution that perfectly fits contentbird’s needs. He also loves the Comments plugin, which allows users to add comments and work on their content collaboratively.

Most of all, he loves Tiny’s investment in customer success: he always gets a fast response when he emails customer service with a question. Plus, Tiny’s regular newsletter keeps him updated on new premium plugins and releases, which allows him to activate new features for his users and improve their experience in only a few minutes.

I was glad TinyMCE had solutions for all of these unique needs we had. I guess if you’ve been on the market for so long and you’re the market leader, like Tiny is, then you’ve already come across most of these things before, and you’ve already come up with the solutions. But I was surprised it worked so easily.

The result

Over 6 months of developer time saved

 6+ Months of developer time saved by integrating TinyMCE

By integrating TinyMCE instead of creating an in-house solution, Bastian estimates that contentbird saves at least six months of developer time a year – when you consider the build, ongoing maintenance, and new feature build – a tremendous resource for a small and quickly-growing company.

Plus, working with a company that’s so focused on customer success makes Bastian feel great about their partnership: after a recent call, Tiny’s CEO reached out to him personally on LinkedIn to let him know how useful his feedback was. Tiny’s passion for creating a great product makes their customer service shine even more, according to Bastian.

Most of all, using TinyMCE to save time and resources allows Bastian and his team to focus on their core product and continue to build the best possible service for their users.

In our field, it’s expected that you have a nice editor. Using TinyMCE saved us half a year or even more of development time. And in the end, I'm not sure if we would have even had the knowledge to be able to build such an editor by ourselves.

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