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TinyMCE surpasses 20M downloads on NPM

September 13th, 2021

2 min read

A fireworks explosion marks the milestone of 20m npm downloads for TinyMCE by Philip Myrtorp

Written by

Elise Bentley

Artwork by

Philip Myrtorp

In a major milestone for TinyMCE, the past week saw us surpass 20 million downloads on NPM. This notable achievement continues to cement our place as one of the most popular open source rich text editors (RTEs) on the market. 

With 88% year-on-year growth, TinyMCE is also one of the fastest growing rich text editors on the NPM platform, and the world's most popular enterprise-grade rich text editor

Over the past year, we’ve seen an exponential increase in the number of developers and projects getting started with rich text editing features, with the overall RTE industry growing their share of downloads by up 46% year over year. 

As a verbal trend we’re seeing more companies embracing a digital-first world, and significantly increasing their investment in rich text editing experiences, as a way to stand-out from their competition. Anecdotally, many developers are increasingly integrating a third-party RTE component, rather than building an editor in-house, and the decision is often prompted by the technical complexities within rich text editing and its constant state of evolution. 

Our current growth shows that TinyMCE is downloaded about 1 million times every single month, through the NPM platform. Projecting those results sees us hitting 2 million downloads a month, in early 2022. 

With our dedication to regular, quality releases maintained by our professional development team, we’re confident in continuing to serving our open source community with new and exciting rich text editing innovations. 

Graph showing month over month increase in NPM downloads for TinyMCE

Why do we look at NPM downloads?

For many people reading this, you may be questioning why we’re looking at NPM downloads in the first place. 

According to an old NPM blog post, NPM states are “naive by design” because they’re merely a count of the number of HTTP 200 responses. Whilst we know that this includes automated builds, downloads by mirrors, as well as bots, we believe NPM downloads are still an adequate indicator of adoption by the larger development community. 

So whilst not necessarily 20 million distinct people are using the TinyMCE NPM Package, we can be certain that more people are adopting and using TinyMCE than ever before. It’s also during this time we’ve seen an exponential increase in the number of people actively using our Cloud infrastructure to access TinyMCE, with it now surpassing over 1.8 billion hits during 2021. 

Looking to get started with TinyMCE?

Looking to get started with our open source core rich text editor for yourself? Just download today on NPM to get started:

npm install tinymce@^5

+ tinymce@5.9.2
added 1 package from 1 contributor and audited 26 packages in 1.07s
found 0 vulnerabilities

If you’d like to build an even better content creation experience, check out our premium plugins. If you are a new user to our Cloud, you are able to access a 14-day free trial of all of our premium features for free, simply register your account.

byElise Bentley

VP of Marketing at Tiny. Elise has marketing experience across a range of industries and organisation sizes, and loves to blend the creative aspect of marketing together with data to develop engaging and effective marketing strategies and campaigns.

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