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Tiny is riding the Docker whale

Ben Long

June 10th, 2020

Written by

Ben Long
Ben Long


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According to the recent results of the 10th annual Stack Overflow Developer Survey, Docker is the #1 most wanted platform. The survey, based on responses from 65,000 developers worldwide, also ranks Docker as #2 most loved platform (after Linux), and #3 most popular platform (after Linux & Windows).

With all the buzz surrounding these results, Tiny is excited to announce our first ever foray into providing containerization options for our customers.

Starting from TinyMCE 5.3, customers who are self-hosting server-side components for any of our plugins, such as SpellChecker Pro, Image Tools, Enhanced Media Embed, or Link Checker, have the option to deploy them with Docker.

TinyMCE enterprise server-side components can be deployed on Docker orchestration applications such as Kubernetes, Docker Swarm, and OpenShift. Tiny provides packages containing pre-configured Dockerfiles for building and deploying the TinyMCE enterprise server-side components using Docker.

Get started with one of the following options.

1. Containerized services for self-hosted enterprise deployments for users with licenses to the self-hosted TinyMCE enterprise bundles:

  • The Self-hosted Essential bundle
  • The Self-hosted Professional bundle
  • The Self-hosted Premium bundle

2. Containerized services for individually licensed premium plugins for users with licenses to self-hosted versions of:

For more information, check out our comprehensive documentation about TinyMCE containerized service deployments.

Not yet using TinyMCE on the cloud? When you’re on the cloud, you’ll always be up to date with the latest build and newest features. Get a free API Key and try it out (you’ll also get a free trial of our premium plugins!)

Ben Long
byBen Long

Developer Advocate at Tiny. Computer scientist turned storyteller. Reminisces about programming on the MicroBee. Writes picture books for kids. Also the wearer of rad shoes. “Science isn’t finished until you share the story.”

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