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Tiny acquires the Setka Design Platform

July 14th, 2021

2 min read

Image of Tiny logo with Setka logo

Written by

Elise Bentley


The Tiny Way


Tiny, a venture-backed commercial open source software company, today announced the acquisition of Setka, a no code WYSIWYG editor for building interactive, engaging, ‘experiential’ content. 

Tiny’s main product, TinyMCE, is the leading open source rich text editor component – with just a few lines of code, developers can integrate a word processor-style editor seamlessly with their application.

Andrew Roberts, co-founder and CEO at Tiny said, “We’re excited to be announcing the merger of both our businesses, signaling a new era in the Tiny journey.

“The Setka Editor has professional design, layout, and animation tools for creating exciting, engaging content, which can easily be built, deployed and shared without requiring developer time. 

“Modern businesses are competing in a world where they need to be building better, more engaging content which keeps their audience's attention, Setka helps them do this.”

There is large developer demand for rich text editing components; they were downloaded 106 million times from NPM in the past 12 months — up 53% year-on-year. TinyMCE downloads grew 77% to 8.1 million. To date, 300,000 developers have signed up for the Tiny Cloud platform, serving the TinyMCE editor more than 200 million times a month.  

“TinyMCE has typically focused on the average business user or knowledge worker; someone familiar with Microsoft Word or Google Docs,” Mr Roberts said. 

“With Setka, we can now serve professional content creators and designers who want more advanced options. 

“Our goal is to enable users to make beautiful, functional content fast, all without needing to get a developer involved. We want to blow the webmaster bottleneck away.

“Modern day content creators are much more ambitious, and Setka allows us to meet more demanding use cases. 

“Over time, we envisage a combined editor platform that is both easy to use and powerful.”

The Setka team joins the remote-first Tiny team, who are distributed around the world – from New York to San Francisco, Brisbane to Melbourne and Madrid to Minsk. 

Kate Bazilevskaya, CEO and Co-founder at Setka.io said, ”Setka helps content teams collaborate and grow their business by elevating content, and our merger with Tiny brings together the best of rich text editing and no code editing to create a truly unique solution that scales across all business departments. 

“Through an array of integrations, we hope to make this visual building technology more accessible to businesses who already have a CMS in place, yet want more power in their editing tools.”

byElise Bentley

VP of Marketing at Tiny. Elise has marketing experience across a range of industries and organisation sizes, and loves to blend the creative aspect of marketing together with data to develop engaging and effective marketing strategies and campaigns.

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