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New Release: TinyMCE 5.9

Elise Bentley

September 14th, 2021

Written by

Elise Bentley


News & Updates

With the release of 5.9 comes a new era for TinyMCE, something our Development and Product Teams have been working on behind the scenes. 

As always if you’re a Cloud user, your system will automatically update to the latest release. If you’re Self-Hosted, log into your TinyMCE account to down the latest Self-Hosted version of TinyMCE.

What’s new?

Real-Time Collaboration 1.0.0

A whole new world of collaboration is available! That’s right, TinyMCE’s Real-time Collaboration feature is out of Beta and available as a 1.0.0 for our Cloud users. 

Primarily focused on adding collaborative editing to your rich text editor, TinyMCE’s Real-time Collaboration now brings secure, end-to-end encryption features to its already established ability to scale, without compromise, to your application. 

The best thing is, you can access our 1.0.0 for free on all our Cloud TinyMCE plans. 

Regardless if you’re a paying customer or not, we believe collaboration should be in the hands of the many, and that’s why TinyMCE is the only rich text editor to bring out enterprise-grade collaboration features that don't have the high entry cost of other editors on the market. (That said, there are some limitations on how you can use it within our free tier, so please refer to our pricing page for more details.) 

A gif showing the interaction of two users in an rtc demo.

If you’re interested in learning more about Real-Time Collaboration, including seeing our demo, please view our feature page. As it’s a much more complex piece of technology, we’d also encourage you to check out our extensive documentation on how to get started and understand its functionality. 

More languages supported in Spell Checker Pro 

With the latest 5.9 release comes a new architecture for our Spell Checker Pro plugin. What was already a great feature, has been further enhanced with 21 languages now supported. The new languages supported include:

  • Afrikaans (South Africa)
  • Hungarian
  • Maori
  • Norwegian Nynorsk
  • Swedish (Finland) 

Again if you are on our Cloud and are pulling the latest stable channel release, your TinyMCE instance will have already been updated. If you’re a Self-Hosted user, please download the latest version of SpellChecker Pro from your Tiny Account to access. You’re also able to view our comprehensive documentation on this premium feature. 

Advanced Tables upgrade 

Another one of our premium features, Advanced Tables, has had yet another upgrade with the introduction of Advanced Table Number. 

A small, but important quality of life improvement that was requested by some of our customers, this new feature allows you to add a new column to your tables, in numerical order. This is particularly important for customers who are looking to make easy references to rows, within products that may contain large data sets. 

Seriously great quality of life improvements!

Not everything has to be a major change or release, sometimes it’s those little changes that make the user experience even better. Some quick highlights include:

  • New “profile card” hover features for our Mentions plugin
  • Fixes to our toolbar transitions when working with tables
  • Fixes to the toolbar UI for menu items that are disabled 

Check out the full release notes to see the large number of issues we've fixed and improvements we’ve made in 5.9. 

Get TinyMCE 5.9

Updating to the latest version of TinyMCE is fast and convenient, particularly when you’re a Cloud user. Your editor automatically updates to TinyMCE 5.9 if you use your API key in place of no-api-key in the following script:


For Self-Hosted instances and more information about upgrading, refer to the documentation about upgrading to the latest version of TinyMCE 5.

Final notes 

For an in-depth guide on our latest release, make sure to explore the TinyMCE 5.9 release notes.

If you’re not already a Cloud user, you can get a free API Key. Getting started is fast and simple and you also get a 14-day trial of the full suite of TinyMCE premium features.

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byElise Bentley

Senior Director of Marketing at Tiny. Elise has marketing experience across a range of industries and organisation sizes, and loves to blend the creative aspect of marketing together with data to develop engaging and effective marketing strategies and campaigns.

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