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Help build the TinyMCE Roadmap of the future

June 16th, 2022

1 min read

TinyMCE logo with the question Read to have your say?

Written by

John Rau


World of WYSIWYG

Having long, deep roots in open source, it’s within our DNA to reach out and ask for feedback from the community.

We’d be the first to admit that we don't always have the right answers and sometimes even miss the most obvious feature improvements that you desperately need to make your development work easier. So for us to develop the best new ideas and features for you, it shouldn’t be done in a void. 

That’s why we’ve launched the public TinyMCE Roadmap, so you can see what we’re working on, what’s being considered, and to have your say on what comes next.

TinyMCE Roadmap in action you can contribute to

What's in the TinyMCE Roadmap?

The roadmap contains three tabs:

1. Ideas: 

These are new features under consideration, where we’re seeking your input – to then prioritize and refine their scope.

2. In progress: 

These are feature enhancements currently underway. You can expect them to launch in either an upcoming minor or major release.

3. Launched: 

This is a list of enhancements included in recent releases.

Within each tab, the individual tiles contain details of the feature and we’re asking for your feedback on its importance to your work. That information helps us prioritize our own development work and shape the future vision and direction for TinyMCE feature improvements, changes and extensions. 

An example Roadmap card that you can contribute toward

TinyMCE Roadmap feature request form

In addition to giving feedback on features already under consideration, you can also submit your own suggestions. Click on the blue ‘Submit idea’ button at the top right, give us some details (including your rating on its importance) and click ‘Submit’.

Image of the form to add roadmap requests for the TinyMCE Roadmap

All your ideas go directly to our Product team, who review them to see where or if they can fit into the future roadmap. (Thanks in advance!)

Have your say on the TinyMCE Roadmap

Check out the new public TinyMCE Roadmap and see what’s planned for the world’s best rich text editor.

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byJohn Rau

A former developer, John works on the Marketing team at Tiny. When he's not spreading the word about TinyMCE, he enjoys taking things apart and *trying* to put them back together (including his house and anything else that looks interesting).

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