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The best text editor in the fastest headless CMS

February 22nd, 2024

3 min read

ButterCMS provides a powerful content management solution, represented by the different media icons brought together in the image

Written by

Jonathan Ames


Product-Led Growth

ButterCMS uses TinyMCE’s latest and fullest version to power its text editing. No other headless content management system (CMS) has this level of text editing capability.

What is ButterCMS?

ButterCMS is a headless CMS. Development, Product, and Marketing teams use ButterCMS to create and edit content for websites, applications, and more. Butter helps content creators do more, and developers work less. ButterCMS helps teams speed up page load times and allows multiple websites, apps, and localizations to be managed in one place.

What is ButterCMS used for?

The two primary uses of ButterCMS are to improve performance, and to speed up custom digital builds.

1. Improve performance:

  • Faster page load times for SEO & CX
  • Reduce developer workload
  • Faster localization of content
  • Personalized or Dynamic Content Blocks
  • Unlimited websites & domains in one CMS instance
  • Unlimited localizations in one CMS instance
  • Unlimited environments & non-web channels
  • Faster changes through global content blocks
  • Faster changes through API-driven mass data updates
  • Easy to swap front-end frameworks
  • Easy API integrations to any other technology
  • Faster content development & publishing
  • Improved security with separate backend with firewall

2. Build custom:

  • Marketing websites
  • Landing pages
  • Ecommerce websites
  • Recruitment websites
  • Apps (Web or mobile)
  • Digital channels (IOT, AR/VR, Amazon Echo, OTT, CTV)
  • In-store (Digital signage, Point-of-sale)
  • Internal or customer portals
  • Online communities / marketplaces
  • Digital support & documentation repositories

Identifying a need for CMS enhancement and differentiation

The most commonly used part of a CMS is the rich text editor. So improvements there would make the most impact to the client’s experience. A better rich text editor expands creative options and helps clients produce their envisioned content faster.

ButterCMS knew that if we could improve the creative options and productivity of our users on a daily basis it would be a differentiator that would set us apart in the crowded CMS market.

Choosing a solution that prioritizes ease-of-use

ButterCMS is the fastest, easiest to use headless CMS. We wanted to use a rich text editor with the same priorities, that would enhance our differentiating traits. 

Jake Lumetta, the founder of ButterCMS is a developer and had heard of TinyMCE’s strong reputation in the developer community. He realized that TinyMCE struck the right balance between range of features and ease of use. He felt the interface was intuitive for both developers and content creators.

Integrating TinyMCE’s full package

Integrating TinyMCE with our existing infrastructure and customizing it to fit within our web application was easy. In 2023 we integrated the full set of Premium plugins, and have just launched the AI Assistant feature, for a select set of ButterCMS users. 

Here are the plugins we’ve activated in ButterCMS:

TinyMCE Plugins Activated

ButterCMS Client Feedback

AI Assistant (Premium)

We loved how the pre-built prompts make putting AI to work very simple

Spell Checker (Premium)

This should be table stakes as everyone needs it

PowerPaste (Premium)

A huge time saver by reducing time reformatting pasted content

Export (Premium)

Another time saver that allows repurposing content to PDF and Word

Enhanced Code Editor (Premium)

A fast way for front end devs to fine tune the code

Enhanced controls and efficiency help our clients build better

Feedback from our users has been great, and the features have been intuitive enough that little or no training was necessary to help users immediately put the full features to use. Users have given especially high marks to the Powerpaste function that allows users to copy text from Word, Excel or Google documents or other sources like HTML and paste in clean text without formatting artifacts. 

Using the TinyMCE text editor has helped content teams save time, have greater control, and more fully realize their creative vision within the text editor. These advanced features give users of Butter CMS a richer day to day experience within the CMS that end users will appreciate.

Final thoughts

The integration of TinyMCE’s full functionality and plugins into ButterCMS has enriched the day to day user experience in Butter, while helping us keep the speed and ease of use that sets us apart. Implementation was smooth and our users have loved the new functionality. 

If you’d like to empower your content creators to do more, and your developers to have to work less, take a look at ButterCMS for yourself or chat with the Butter team.

byJonathan Ames

Jonathan leads marketing at ButterCMS. He also hosts their podcast, "Cutting edge web content development." He loves cooking up videos and events that help show how to get great results with Butter.

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