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6 ways to leverage AI document management in your DMS

July 27th, 2023

5 min read

An AI providing support for DMS development by selecting text content

Written by

John Rau


Product-Led Growth


From automated sorting and filing, to quickly identifying relevant information to help generate content faster, AI is revolutionizing the way documents are managed. It's also leading to huge productivity gains. A recent scientific study showed that generative AI helped writers decrease writing time by 40%, and increase output quality by 18%.

If you're not already thinking about how to take advantage of AI document management, there's no better time than now. Here are six ways you can leverage AI in your DMS:

1. Automate document sorting and filing with AI

AI-driven document sorting and filing can eliminate manual steps related to document classification. With an AI-powered system, documents can be automatically sorted based on predefined criteria such as:

  • File type
  • Content type
  • Document contents.

For example, a finance organization could use an AI-enabled system to automatically sort incoming documents and place them in the right folder, based on whether they’re invoices, tax returns, or accounts payable.

In the healthcare industry, an AI-driven system can streamline document management by automatically recognizing text in various document types (like patient records or lab reports), extracting the relevant information, and classifying and filing these documents appropriately. This not only improves efficiency and reliability but also enables quick retrieval of patient histories, which significantly aids healthcare professionals.

In both these examples, AI-driven document sorting and filing helps organizations save time by streamlining routine tasks.

2. Use AI to detect relevant information in documents

AI can also be used to quickly identify important data within a document. By leveraging natural language processing (NLP) and computer vision technologies, an AI-enabled DMS can swiftly recognize patterns in text as well as tables, charts, images, and other elements of a document.

For example, a large enterprise could use an AI-powered solution to scan through hundreds of contracts and extract specific words or phrases that are relevant for further legal review.

In the publishing industry, an AI system could sift through thousands of manuscripts, identifying those that match specific genre, style, or content criteria, thus speeding up the selection process for editors looking for their next piece.

3. Enhance document security with AI-powered monitoring & control

AI document management can help organizations secure their digital documents and protect sensitive information from unauthorized access.

Behavior-based analysis can be used to identify potential security issues. For example, a DMS AI could analyze a user's typical document access patterns (e.g., the time of day they usually access documents, the types of documents they frequently view) and flag any unusual activity as potentially unauthorized access.

AI can also be used to automatically redact sensitive information in documents. For instance, when a document is shared outside an organization, any confidential data (like personal identification numbers or addresses) could be automatically blacked out by the AI system, ensuring the information doesn't fall into the wrong hands.

These AI-driven solutions make it easier for businesses to control who has access to confidential files and data, ensuring that only the right people have the right level of permission.

4. Make document search faster with AI-driven technology

Organizations can leverage AI-based tools to quickly search for documents in their DMS archives.

With an AI-powered solution, employees can find relevant documents in a fraction of the time it takes with manual searching. AI-driven search technology can learn from your past searches and use predictive analytics to surface documents that are most likely to be relevant for the task at hand.

5. Optimize document workflow with AI systems

AI is changing how document processes are managed. An AI-enabled DMS can automate mundane tasks like routing, assigning tasks, sending notifications, and more.

Consider a scenario where a company has multiple layers of approval for publishing official documents. An AI-enabled DMS can automate this process by identifying the type of document and routing it to the appropriate individuals for review and approval, based on predefined rules. 

The system could also send automatic reminders to speed up the approval process and track the document's progress in real-time. This reduces manual tracking and expedites the overall document approval process within an organization.

With an AI solution in place, you can streamline your document workflow and ensure that all tasks are completed quickly and accurately with minimal manual intervention.

6. Use generative AI to assist in content creation

Generative AI can help organizations create documents faster and easier than ever before. By training an AI system on existing document templates, organizations can generate new documents based on their specific requirements in a fraction of the time it would take to manually create them.

For example, Generative AI can help a marketing team by generating initial document drafts based on inputs like existing content, tone, keywords, length, style, and more. The team can then refine this AI-generated content, making the process more efficient and speeding up their production time.

Looking to add generative AI to your Document Management System? Test drive TinyMCE's AI Assistant (Premium) plugin, in our 14-day free trial of all our Premium plugins.

Add the power of AI to your DMS

With the right AI-powered Document Management System, you can streamline document creation and approval processes, automate mundane tasks, and speed up content production. 

AI can also help you ensure data accuracy and security, while significantly reducing manual effort and saving time.

If you're using an out-of-the-box Document Management System, many of these features may already be available, and you may be using them today. If not, contact your administrator to see if they can be turned on. Building your own DMS? Consider adding these productivity boosters to deliver a better user experience, and capture more of the market.

byJohn Rau

A former developer, John works on the Marketing team at Tiny. When he's not spreading the word about TinyMCE, he enjoys taking things apart and *trying* to put them back together (including his house and anything else that looks interesting).

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