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5.8 Enablement Webinar

Team Tiny

July 7th, 2021

3 min read

Written by

Team Tiny


World of WYSIWYG

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We all like step-by-step instructions. It makes things clearer and straightforward for everyone. In today’s article, our Customer Success VP, Michael Fromin, has prepared a webinar to walk through the latest updates available to you. 

This webinar discusses the following updates:

  • PowerPaste for Google Drive [02:30 - 06:34]
  • Export [06:35 - 08:33]
  • Skins and Icons - Fluent [08:34 - 10:34]
  • Tiny Drive - PDF Viewer & Dark Mode [10:35 - 14:12]
  • Comments [14:13 - 17:28]
  • Real-time Collaboration (RTC) [17:29 - 21:09]

We’ve provided a transcript summary of each topic below and the full transcript can be downloaded as a PDF from this article.

TinyMCE 5.8 Enablement Webinar

Webinar Transcript Summary

PowerPaste for Google Drive [02:30]

“One of the most requested updates that we've included in TinyMCE’s 5.8 release is an improvement enhancement to PowerPaste that allows us to do more advanced things when you paste content from Google Docs. It makes it very easy for you to bring content from Google Docs into TinyMCE, increases productivity, decreases the time that it takes for you to create compelling content if that content already exists in a Google Docs environment. If you were on any of our plans whatsoever, the Essential, Professional, Premium, Enterprise, this capability is available to you.”

Export [06:35]

“With the release of TinyMCE 5.8, we've made a change to our Export plugin. For those of you who are familiar with our export plugin from earlier releases of Tiny, prior to Tiny 5.8 Export was considered a beta plugin. With the release of 5.8 we have removed the beta tag from Export, it is now a fully functional plugin supported exactly the same as any other production plugin that we offer. What the Export plugin does is very simple. It creates a PDF of the content that exists in TinyMCE. If you were on any of our plans, all of those include the Export plugin.”

Skins and Icons - Fluent [08:34]

“In TinyMCE 5.8, we've released a new skin for the Microsoft Fluent design system. With Microsoft's move to Fluent, we felt that it was appropriate for us to create a skin and icons pack that works with the Fluent design system. If you are on any of our premium plans, Essential, Professional, Premium, Enterprise, any of those plans include your Skins and Icons Pack. So if you have that, then you have access to this Fluent design system update.”

Tiny Drive - PDF Viewer & Dark Mode [10:35]

“In TinyMCE 5.8, we've made a couple of enhancements to our Tiny Drive plugin. Tiny Drive now has the ability to fit into your application’s design system better by allowing you to pick a lighter/dark mode. The other change we made in Tiny Drive has to do with what you can do to a PDF that has been uploaded to Tiny Drive. We've [now] added the ability also to preview PDFs.”

Comments [14:13]

“In Tiny 5.8 we've added an improvement to our Comments plugin. A piece of capability that our customers asked us for that we didn't have, was to trigger some kind of a behavior when this comment stream is done and resolved. We've [now] added the ability to resolve a conversation. From a UI perspective, it doesn't really look any different than deleting the conversation. The comments are gone. The big difference here is really what happens in code behind this, you now have the ability to be notified via code that this conversation was resolved.” 

Real-time Collaboration (RTC) [17:29]

“Another exciting change that's come out in TinyMCE 5.8 is a capability we refer to as Real-time Collaboration. If you are used to working in certain online toolings, like a Google Doc, it gives multiple people the ability to work on a single piece of content simultaneously. And that is exactly what our Real-time Collaboration plugin allows you to do. If you are a Premium or Enterprise customer of ours, you have access to the Real-time Collaboration product. If you are on an Essential or Professional bundle your account manager would be more than happy to provide you with details on how you could add Real-time Collaboration to the list of things you use within Tiny.” 

More info?

If you want to access more information mentioned in the webinar, you can click any of the following below:

Tiny DriveTiny Releases
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